Camec Solar Panels

Which System is Best for You?


Whether it comes from the sun or a generator, you’re going to need some type of power along your caravan camping adventures. With the recent popularization of “green” culture, as well as the increased interest in “living off the grid”, plus the price of powered sites and the high cost of LPG many caravan campers are now turning to solar panel systems as either their primary or secondary means of power.

Caravan RV Camping, Australia’s leading online superstore, has graciously compiled the following guide geared towards helping you select the best solar panel system for your needs.


Why Do People Use Solar Power?

In addition to be the most environmentally-friendly power option and providing the ability of “off-the-grid” living, most people use caravan solar systems to totally self-sufficient. here are a few more reasons people will choose solar:

  • To save on soaring prices of powered sites and LPG gas
  • To be totally self-sufficient and camp off grid
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Some appliances will operate twice as efficiently on solar
  • Modern technology will only operate via 12-volt (solar systems).


Solar Power as an Alternative

Many recreational vehicle tourers purchase a solar panel system to act as a “backup” for their primary battery or generator. Like car batteries, caravan batteries can quickly lose their charge and if not maintained you can quickly be stranded with no 12-volt power because of something so simple as a dropped cell in your battery, neglect or unfortunate circumstances, poor choice in battery brands whilst trying to enjoy your well-deserved break out on the open road.  

To relay fears regarding a sudden battery “death”, many campers purchase what is referred to as a “trickle charger”. This small solar panel system is used to continuously charge the vehicle’s battery, ultimately eliminating the damaging periods of non-use. You can also look into what the industry calls a low voltage cut off module, once your battery reaches a volt level that can be harmful towards you battery the module will kick in and stop any further current draw from your battery.


Solar Power as Main System

While some campers use a solar system as an alternative to the main power system, others opt to use solar panel systems as their main power source. Doing this is a bit more difficult than simply purchasing a trickle charger, and a few solar panels.

With no other power alternative, you must make sure that your solar power system is capable of providing for all of your everyday power needs.This amount will differ between campers depending on their camping lifestyles, appliances and usage of componentry through out their RV.

Campers who are strict about using power or who don’t own many caravan appliances will likely not require as much solar power as campers who are used to running many electric and digital devices.

NOTE: When examining a solar system, the amount of power it is capable of producing is referred to as the system’s wattage.


Selecting the Best Caravan Solar System for Your Needs

Camec, founded in 1955 and known Australia-wide for high-quality camping appliances, has worked extensively to deliver customers with an extremely large array of solar panel systems featuring a wide range of wattages.

Each and every solar panel system within Camec’s large collection is designed using powerful and resilient mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels, specially designed by Camec engineers for maximum efficiency. 


Camec Solar Panel Models

As already mentioned, the type of solar system you will require is directly linked to your power needs and consumption, referred to in the field as “wattage”.

At one end of Camec’s solar power spectrum is the efficient 12V Camec 90W Solar Panel, a great and affordable option for anyone on a budget or simply seeking a tiny power boost.

At the other end, boasting an impressive 175 watts of generated power, is the Camec Folding Solar Panel which has quickly become a customer favorite due to its extremely large generating abilities, a convenient design and included transport bag and controller.

For any other questions or concerns, also feel free to contact Caravan RV Camping directly at 1800 RV-PARTS. With over 40 years of experience in the field, we are a renowned and trusted source of the Australian caravanning industry.