Laundry is possibly one chore that cannot be left behind. If you don't like  the laundry facilities at caravan parks, or you want to free camp where there are no facilities, then having your own caravan washing machine will make life much easier.

Our most popular model of washing machine would have to be the Camec washing machine - 2.5kg thanks to its compact size and weight.  This unit can be built in with the ability to bolt it down, or use it free standing or carry in your car and take out and hook up to power and water when needed. Please note, all washing machines are required to be operated on a level surface.

Many people who have had a Lemair 2.2kg caravan washing machine for a number of years and are wanting to replace it, the Lemair brand is no longer available.  We recommend the Camec 2.5kg as a replacement for this Lemair 2.2 kg unit as it is the closest in size and weight with the Lemair having been slightly larger and heavier, so the Camec 2.5kg washing machine will slot into the existing space requirements.

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Camec 2.5 Wall Mounted Washing Machine

Camec 2.5kg
Washing Machine
Camec 3kg
Washing Machine
Dometic 3kg Front Loader Washing Machine Camec 4kg Front Loader Washing Machine
SKU A-050122 A-041133 A-044131 WMD1050 A-042308
Image Camec 2.5kg Wall Mounted washing machine Camec Washing Machine 2.5kg Top Loader Camec Washing Machine 3kg Top Loader Dometic Washing Machine 3kg Front Loader Camec Washing Machine 4Kg Front Loader
Capacity (kg) 2.5 2.5 3 3 4
Wash Cyles 9 Pre-set programs
Hot & cold wash
7 programs
Cold wash only
Hot and cold wash 9 Wash programs
hot and cold wash
14 wash programs
Hot and cold wash
Water Consumption (Litre) 20-28



min 27

Power Consumption (Watts)   235  235 cold / 1035 hot 1600 230 cold / 1700 hot
Operation 220V-240V 240V 240V 240V 240V
Dimensions (mm) 575(w) x 348(d) x 670(h)  410(w) x 420(d) x 640(h) 470(w) x 820(h) x 465(d) 495(w) x 600(h) x515(d)  510(w) x 430(d) x 700(h)
Weight (kg) 18 16 18 54 47
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Other features

Illuminated touch display


Child lock

Customise washing cycles

Wash time remaining display

Temperature selection

LED Display Water level adjustment
Blue LED display with wash time remaining function
Adjustable Spin
Wool Wash
Manually adjustable spin
Wash time remaining display
Auto Water level



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Sphere 2.5kg Washing Machine

Sphere EcoSpin
Washing Machine
SKU 700-00350 700-00370      
Image Sphere Washing Machine  2.5kg Top Loader Sphere Washing Machine Manual EcoSpin      
Capacity (kg) 2.5        
Wash Cyles Cold wash only N/A      
Water Consumption (Litre) 60L max 2
Power Consumption (Watts) 230        
Operation 240V Manual      
Dimensions (mm) (W)410 x D)420 x (H)640 345x344x343      
Weight (kg) 18 2.75      
Warranty 1 year 1 year      
Other features Left or right hand drainage Crank Handle