Why You Should Invest in a Motorised Caravan Mover

In the caravanning world, not every piece of equipment comes with a clear justification for (or against) purchase. Motorised caravan movers fall squarely within this category. You can certainly do without them, but if you do start using one, you also open the doors to a whole new level of caravanning convenience. There are both tangible and intangible benefits of using a motorised caravan mover, and we’ll proceed to detail them here, in a bid to prove that they’re a great investment to make.

But first, a brief hello to the motorised caravan mover

Not everyone is familiar with the concept of a motorised caravan mover. It’s simple, really. The mover takes the shape of a frame which you bolt or clamp to the caravan chassis, together with an electric motor and rollers on both ends. The entire assembly is operated via remote control, prompting the motor to draw power from the caravan’s battery, and engaging the rollers, which in turn set the caravan’s wheels in motion. In short, motorised caravan movers give you the power to manoeuver your caravan in tight spaces with a simple remote control.

So let’s get to the reasons why you should invest in a motorised caravan mover.  

Effortless manoeuvring at caravan parks

Caravan parking sites are often cramped or difficult to access from the main road. Just the prospect of labouring your caravan into place every time, only to have to get it back out and hitched to your tow car, can be quite a nightmare. A motorised mover makes the job unbelievably simple, minimising both mental and physical effort.

Surface no bar!

Manually moving your caravan into a parking spot requires you to adjust your stance, effort and moving tactics to respond to the terrain you’re on. With a motorised caravan mover, on the other hand, you need no longer worry about whether it’s grass, mud, gravel, or even a slope that has to be negotiated.

Hitching, level 2.0

As a caravan owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking up tips and guides on how to hitch your caravan to your tow car. The concept is simple enough, and yet, it’s one of the most tiresome aspects of going caravanning. Again, a motorised caravan mover proves to be a blessing, letting you instruct your caravan to move this way or that, until it’s perfectly aligned to your tow car.

Feel like a pro

Of course the primary benefits of a motorised caravan mover lie in the level of ease it brings into manoeuvring and hitching your caravan. But there’s another dimension to it – the intangible benefits, or in other words, the amount of self-sufficiency it brings to your caravanning lifestyle. Not only do you stop depending on help from a kind stranger while attempting to get in and out of a caravan parking site, you’re also free from the fear of being judged for struggling with your caravan. This may sound like overkill, but it’s a common apprehension among people new to caravanning.

Helps at home too

It’s only when you’ve bought a caravan that you realise just how much space it eats up in your driveway. With the help of a motorised mover, you can free up at least some of this space by moving your caravan much closer to a wall, fence or hedge than you’d normally dare to.

Installation is a piece of cake

To cap it all, installing a motorised caravan mover requires zero drilling. All you need to do is bolt or clamp it to your caravan’s chassis. Which essentially translates to being able to switch the unit from one caravan to another, without weakening the caravans in any way.

So get a motorised caravan mover and get moving. It’ll introduce you to a whole new way of holidaying, where you can just focus on having fun!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.