Why You Should Invest In A Motorised Caravan Mover

Why You Should Invest In A Motorised Caravan Mover

In the caravanning world, some pieces of equipment are essential - while others are nice to have. Caravan movers fall squarely into the “nice to have” category. You can certainly do without them, but if you do start using one, life on the road becomes a lot easier! 

Do you need a caravan mover? If you’re thinking about buying a caravan mover, what should you consider? 

Let’s dive in:

Why Do You Need A Caravan Mover?

Manoeuvre With More Ease:

Caravan parking sites are often cramped or difficult to access from the main road. Just the idea of labouring your caravan into place every time, only to have to get it back out and hitched to your tow car, can be enough to make even the most seasoned caravanner sweat! 

Store Your Caravan:

Storing your caravan down the side of your house or in your back shed with little room for error? Caravan Movers are a great way to save an insurance claim on repairing the side of your caravan and half your house as you drag the van down your tight space. 

No Need To Worry About Different Terrains:

Grass, mud, gravel and sloping land bring different challenges to moving your caravan manually. With most caravan movers, on the other hand, you no longer need to worry about the terrain to be negotiated.

Hitch Without A Hassle:

As a caravan owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking up tips and guides on how to hitch your caravan to your tow car. Some electric caravan mover makes it easy, letting you instruct your caravan to move this way or that, until it’s perfectly aligned to your tow car.

Feel Like A Pro:

We can’t understate the amount of self-sufficiency a caravan mover brings to your caravanning lifestyle. Not only do you stop depending on help from a kind stranger while attempting to get in and out of a caravan parking site, you’re free from the fear of being judged for struggling with (and swearing at...!) your caravan.


Types Of Caravan Movers

Crank/Drill Models

How They Work:

These are manual caravan movers that use a crank handle with gear chains to manoeuvre the caravan. The great thing about these units is that you can use them on larger RVs (sometimes weighing up to 4500kg) and still make nice tight turns.

The crank model fits straight onto your tow ball with 50mm coupling or directly to the A-frame to replace a jockey wheel. 

If you want to save energy, these models give you the option to use a power drill instead of the crank handle.


Models We Recommend:

  • Trailer Valet Mover XL: This caravan mover is perfect for larger RVs. Engineered by Trailer Valet, the Trailer Valet Mover XL is said to be the “toughest, most compact trailer dolly on the market”. Using only a crank handle, this caravan mover can direct RVs up to 4500kg, with durable 9-inch tyres that make the tightest, smoothest turns imaginable. There’s a patented ball attachment mechanism for a quick installation and an automatic safety brake. 

  • Trailer Valet Mover: This is a customer favourite for good reason. Engineered to move everything from campers, caravans, boats, and car trailers, this caravan mover is perfect for trailers up to 2200kg and a maximum tongue weight of 220kg. Even solo travellers can crank the handle and steer easily, thanks to the smooth design. A rotating unit feature means the unit can be installed and moved out of the way during travel.


Please note: Trailer Valet movers are suitable for use on slopes and inclines no more than 10 degrees on paved on concrete surfaces.


Motorised Models

How They Work:

As the name suggests, these caravan movers use 12V power either attached to your caravan’s axle chassis, which engages against the tyres of your caravan. Or ones that are attached to the front A-Frame of your van.

They are remotely controlled which means you can stand away from your van to get full vision of your surroundings for easy movement and parking of your precious investment.


Models We Recommend:

  • Kronings Camper Trolley: These are the cream of the crop when it comes to caravan movers. They are robust, long lasting and reliable. They easily bolt on to the A-Frame of your caravan so the tow ball or swivel hitch is not affected. There are currently 3 in the range from the smaller weights of 1500kg up to a whopping 4500kg! With a caterpillar tread, the Kronings can work on many surfaces including up to a 10% incline. It is the must have caravan mover for ease of use and installation.  

  • Purpleline Caravan Mover: These movers are designed to engage with the vans wheels rather than attach to the front A-Frame. They are connected to the caravans 12v system for permanent power and remote controlled for ease of use. With options for permanent fitting, removable, single and dual axles they are a great option to get your van into tight spots.

  • Camec Caravan Mover Elite Pro 2: The Caravan Mover Elite Pro features durable aluminum rollers that automatically engage or disengage on the tyres with the use of a handy remote control. Best of all, there are no jerky movements. This model will only suit caravans up to 2000kg (or 1750kg on 18% gradient). Caravans up to 3000kg with a double axle (2350 kg on 18% gradient) will require four motors instead of two, meaning you need two of these units. 


When choosing a caravan mover, cheap will not be best. Investing in a quality mover will make the process smoother, less strenuous and overall a better experience.

Check out of entire range of movers here!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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van mover

Hi guys I have two problems to fix 1. move my dual axle caravan 2200 kg across my my 10 degrees across my driveway.2. move my box trailer with hobie kayak up a 10 degress grass slope beside my driveway with either Kronings CT2500-TAM Camper Trolley or a dual axles trolley with a winch motor type. what do you thing kind regards Stephen
By: Stephen Foot on 12 November 2023

www.caravanrvcamping.com.au Response
Hi Stephen The Kronings Camper Trolley CT2500-TAM will be the perfect solution for you, with the rubber treads and ability to move trailers on slopes up to 10 degrees you will find this will suit your application. Stand back away from the hitch point with the remote control and you have full view and ease of use.

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