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Dometic Air Conditioner for sale 


Caravan Rv Camping has the whole range of Dometic airconditioning for sale online.  If you are looking for a Roof Top, Underbunk or Split System type caravan airconditoner - look no further for these quality Dometic products.  

The Dometic range also includes Truma and Aircommand: 


Truma Aventa Comfort: The pride of the fleet and what most manufacturers are installing into their caravans.  Has a sleep mode that allows the compressor to run quieter during the night. 

Truma Saphir: The only underbunk aircondition available and is suitable for smaller poptops and caravans.  

Aircommand Ibis: One of the most popular aircons due to its reliability, design and price point.  

Aircommand Cormorant: An oldie but a goodie - Proven reliability on larger vans, Its physical size is larger than most, although the price point makes up for this. 

Aircommand Sparrow: The lighhtest roof top airconditioner on the market.  

Dometic Freshjet 2200: Light weight and economical suitable for the European aperture of 400mm x 400m 

Dometic Freshjet 3200: The big brother to the 2200 also suited to the European aperture of 400mm x 400m - very economical for its size.  

Dometic Harrier: Inverter Technology, the soft start feature has less current draw then any other model allowing use with comparitively smaller generators.    

Dometic Cal242: A very reliable good performing unit.  

Dometic BR342: The biggest roof top aircon out of the Dometic range.  


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Dometic IBIS 4 Caravan Air Conditioner

Dometic IBIS 4 Caravan Air Conditioner

$2,129.00 $2,830.00

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Dometic Harrier Plus Air Conditioner

Dometic Harrier Plus Air Conditioner

$2,309.00 $2,985.00

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Dometic Harrier Lite - 36kg Roof Top Air Conditioner
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