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Looking for fishing sinkers for your next trip? Check out our full range of fishing sinkers including different sizes, styles and packs!


Top Range of Fishing Sinkers

Anglers all around Australia have a tackle box filled with fishing sinkers. Your fishing rig simply doesn’t perform properly without the right sinker, hook and bait! Fishing sinkers are essential for delivering baits to the seafloor.

Which fishing sinker should you choose? Personalise your fishing gear to suit where you are fishing and the conditions. If you need to get prawns, pilchards, or worms to the demersal feeders, make sure you have fishing sinkers for your tackle. Fishing sinkers can also provide weight to a fishing line to help you with casting, otherwise your casts won’t reach as far.

Here at Caravan RV Camping, we stock every type of fishing sinker you want! Whether it’s beans, balls, barrels, bombs, or split shot sinkers, we have a wide range of fishing sinkers for you to choose from. So, you can keep your line and net at the bottom, where they belong!

With our range by Wilson, it’s easier than ever to keep a tackle tray filled with fishing sinkers and be prepared for any trip!

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