myCOOLMAN Icebox & Cooler Promotions

myCOOLMAN Icebox & Cooler Promotions

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Keep all of your food and drink cool while on the go with an insulated bag.

Having a good quality icebox or cooler is essential when packing for your camping or caravanning adventure. Our myCOOLMAN insulated bags are just what you need to store your cold items when heading into the great outdoors.


Take a look at the myCOOLMAN Can Rolling Cooler with Wheels. This handy piece of camping kit keeps ice up to three days thanks to its deep freeze high performance insulation. With this insulated bag there’s no chance you’ll be missing out on a cold drink at the end of a hot and dusty day in the great Aussie outdoors.

Constructed from tough, water-resistant material and including an expandable front pouch, the myCOOLMAN insulated bag is built for rugged conditions - and the all-terrain wheels and Backsaver shoulder strap mean that you can literally take this insulated bag anywhere.

How To Use Your myCOOLMAN Insulated Bag

To get the most out of your cooler and keep your food and drinks cooler for longer, our top tip is to pre-chill your cold items before putting them inside your insulated bag. Throw in some ice blocks and let your myCOOLMAN bag take care of the rest!

Check out our range of myCOOLMAN insulated bags today and get yourself set whatever your adventure.