Evakool TMDZ-95 Travelmate Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer - 96 Litre

Portable Camping Fridge / Freezer

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900 (L) x 532 (W) x 467 (H)mm

TMDZ Travelmate, the fridge for people on the move.

The TMDZ Travelmate is a stylish yet robust fridge/freezer that is a great companion for all your four-wheel driving and camping adventures. There is a size for every lifestyle, with this series offering 3 sizes ranging from 60L to 96L.

This series is crafted with a polypropylene injection moulded cabinet, strong steel handles and smooth metal walls to withstand Australia’s harsh environment. They feature a unique bi-directional or completely removable lid for easy access. With a world class Secop compressor in combination with a highly efficient rollbond evaporator, these portable fridge/freezers offer low power draw, and have a quiet and efficient operation for trouble free enjoyment. EvaKool are committed to producing the most user-friendly portable fridge/freezers on the market. 



  • Fully insulated base and lid
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Smooth walls, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Will not rust, corrode or dent
  • Will not absorb food tastes or odours
  • Quality fittings
  • Handles can be used as tie down points
  • Drainage bung for easy cleaning
  • Internal Bright LED Light
  • Handy cable securing point
  • USB port to charge small devices (0.5A)
  • Removable baskets

Compressor: World Renowned Secop

  • Silent, reliable, efficient operation
  • Digital controls
  • Three stage settable low voltage protection
  • Will operate on angles up to 30 degrees
  • Self-diagnostic fault system
  • Proven low power usage for longer battery life
  • Simple to use controls

AVERAGE POWER USAGE AT 32ºC (measured over a 24 hours period)

Compressor Size

Ambient Temperature

Fridge Temperature & compressor speed setting (normal or economy)

Power Usage*

Gas Charge



Economy +4ºC
Normal +4ºC
Normal -16ºC

2.6 - 2.8 A/Hr
2.8 - 3.0 A/Hr
3.0 - 3.2 A/Hr

76 grams






*Power usage is dependent on ambient temperature, required fridge temperature, temperature of the fridges contents and compressor speed (fridge settings).



Total Capacity (Litres) 96 Litres
Fridge Cabinet Material Polypropylene - Plastic
Length (mm) 900 mm
Width (mm) 532 mm
Height (mm) 467 mm
Dimensions Including Handles (WxHxD) 532 x 467 x 974 mm (W x H x L)
Internal Dimensions (LxWxH mm)                                                                       Tub 1: 415 x 180 x 160 | Step Down: 415 x 180 x 330 | Tub 2: 415 x 360 x 330
Net Weight (kg) 31.0 Kg
Voltage Operates on 12/24 volts DC or 240 volts AC
Temperature Range +10°c ~ 20°c. Cooling capacity of up to 55°c below ambient
Compressor Secop (Danfoss) PBC2.5
Product Material Polypropylene with Polyurethane Insulation
Power Cables & Outlets 1 x 240V AC Lead, 1 x Anderson plug inlet on fridge, 1 x Anderson to Anderson lead (2.5m), 1 x Anderson to Male 12/24 Auxiliary (Cigar) Lead 2.9m
Warranty 3 Year Warranty (all components) + 5 Year Warranty (compressor)


Please note: Power usage is dependent on-

  • Ambient temperature
  • Fridge temperature setting
  • Temperature of fridge contents
  • Product load  

Dometic Harrier Operation Manual


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Brand Evakool

GTIN 9330263009467

Product Category Portable Camping Fridges

Portable Fridge Type Dual Zone

Total Capacity 96 Litres

Fridge Cabinet Material Polypropylene - Plastic

Fridge Length 900 mm

Fridge Width 532 mm

Fridge Height 467 mm

Weight: 31 Kg

Dimensions Including Handles: 974 x 532 x 467 mm (L x W x H)

Internal Dimensions: Tub 1: 415 x 180 x 160 | Step Down: 415 x 180 x 330 | Tub 2: 415 x 360 x 330

Average Power Consumption: (at ambient Temp of 32°C) -> As Fridge/Fridge at 4°c: 1.5 to 2.3 Amps/Hour | As Fridge 4°c / Freezer -15°c: 1.8 to 2.6 Amps/Hour | As Freezer/Freezer at -15°c: 2.6 to 3.5 Amps/Hour

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the Description section on this page.

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Warranty Details: Please CLICK HERE for Warranty Information on this product

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Perfect product A+++++

By: on 6 March 2022

Bought this product after using one of a friends. The fridge/freezer is amazing has served my family of 6 perfect when going away on holidays. Also been using it at home when we have bbq. Fridge cools down quickly and is light weight. I can only highly recommend this product as I have nothing but positive results from it.

EVAKOOL TMDZ-95 Fridge/Freezer

By: on 26 February 2022

Purchasing from Caravan RV Camping was effortless, the service was great and the delivery incredibly quick. I am extremely happy with the TMDZ-95, it is a great product, quiet, cools down quickly and works extremely well.

12 volt fridge

By: on 11 January 2022

Great fridge just the size to go under canopy,works great only thing lids are little light and not sure how long they will last but we will see


By: on 18 August 2021

Arrived in 3 days, works great keeps things cold as expected. Loving the 2 way lids. Highly recommend

EvaKool 96L travel mate

By: on 13 August 2021

We bought this fridge for our camper and it is a very snug fit. Great that the lids open either way or lift off all together. Seems to be efficient with power consumption. The features and ease of use are great.

great fridge

By: on 19 June 2021

Fridge is good quality, cools down quick and seems fairly efficient. The dual action/removable lids is a good bonus

Eva Kool 96 L dual fridge/freezer

By: on 14 October 2020

Fantastic fridge we took it camping for the first time a few weeks ago and worked a treat lots of room for drinks and food very happy

Love the Fridge Freezer.

By: on 5 June 2020

Have nothing but praise for this great Fridge Freezer. It works superbly keeping both sides in perfect temperature. The amount of inside room is more than I expected. Super easy to set when we first received it and a big 5 stars to Caravan Camping for delivering with speed. Received my item the next day after ordering. I have encouraged others to look seriously at Caravan Camping if thinking of purchasing an item such as this..

Travelmate fridge freezer

By: on 19 January 2020

I recently purchased a 95 litre Travelmate fridge/ freezer. I couldn't be more happier with the product and service.

Awesome fridge freezer

By: on 15 October 2019

This 96 litre fridge/freezer is perfect for our new addition to our camper enough room for our family off 6 you can have which ever combo you require both compartments as fridge or freeze up to you what suits and the wifi compatibility is great for temp control

  • What size battery should I have to power a portable fridge?

    First, you will need to determine how much power your portable fridge will consume on average per hour under certain ambient conditions; please see the Product Specification Tab of the product where we provide this information. Additionally, you will need to know the size of your battery in amp-hours.

    When you have these number, you can calculate the approximate run time in hours by dividing the size of the battery by that average consumption figure.

    Some examples:

    If it is stated consumption is 1 amp per hour average, multiple that by 24 hours (equals 24 Amp hours per day).

    You should understand that you never get the full amount of amp-hours from a battery. As a good rule of thumb, you should use 80% for a Lithium Battery and 50% of an AGM/GEL (lead acid) battery.

    So, for a 100 Amp hours deep cycle lithium battery, we can assume 80 amp-hours of usable power.

    If we are looking at a refrigerator that have an average consumption of 1 amp per hour, and it is the only appliance running from a 100 amp-hour battery. You should be able to run the refrigerator for around 80 hours before recharging is needed. 

  • How much solar do I need to power my portable fridge?

    The panel should be of a suitable size to meet requirements of the refrigerator and any other appliance running from the battery. It's best to use the solar panel to charge a battery, as opposed to running the fridge directly from the solar panel as voltage will drop if clouds come overhead for instance. The battery means your refrigerator keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops severely due to cloud cover.

    A good rule of thumb to prevent inadequacies with power supply is to have a solar panel large enough to provide enough daily power to run your refrigerator and have battery storage of an extra 2/3 on hand. So, if your refrigerator (or any other appliance) will consume 30 amp-hours per day, you should have battery storage of 90 amp-hours capacity and a solar panel of around 80 watts or greater capacity to ensure you will not have problems.

    It is advised to go a little higher in specification than your needs. However, a popular solar panel size to charge your batteries to run camping fridges is around 120 - 160 watts.

  • Will the fridge drain my car battery?

    Your car starter battery will need a certain voltage level to crank over. If you are running the fridge direct from your cranking battery, most user manuals, including Dometic, recommend switching your portable fridge on to Medium or High voltage setting.

    By changing this setting you are telling the fridge to cut out (stop drawing power) at a predetermined voltage level. See table below:

    Example - Dometic CFX3's Voltage settings:

    To avoid battery draining of your starter battery we recommend choosing the high setting.

    If you are connected to a house (Auxiliary) battery then you are fine to choose the low setting.

  • I am considering buying a solar blanket for my camping trips - can I run my camping fridge directly from the solar blanket?

    Hi there,

    Great question! However, unfortunately no, you will not be able to run your camping fridge directly with a solar blanket.

    A battery will be required to be used to provide a continuous power supply for the fridge. You will need to plug the portable fridge/freezer into the battery and plug the battery into the solar panel/blanket.

    The solar panel/blanket on its own is unable to provide stable and constant power to your portable fridge/freezer, which is required to maintain your pre-set temperature.

  • How much ventilation do I need surrounding the fridge when it is operating?

    To ensure that your portable fridge/freezer are not overheating which will result in a high power consumption that leads to poor performance and efficiency, it is important to make sure that the fridge/freezer is getting the right amount of ventilation.

    We would always recommend at least a 100mm buffering perimeter around the fridge when it is being stored in an enclosure. However, many manufacturers will generally advise a 200mm buffering gap around the fridge vent for the best possible performance.

    Additionally, we highly recommend to regularly clean the air inlet and outlet vent of the fridge/freezer. This will prevent dust from creating a blockage.