Our Guide to Enerdrive Pre Built Systems

Our Guide to Enerdrive Pre Built Systems

If you’re thinking about buying a power system for your caravan or RV, Enerdrive Systems should be on the top of your list. But before you make your decision, take a look at how they work, what you can expect, and take the time to find the best system for you. 


What Are Power Systems?

A power system is a pre-wired system that will charge, monitor and manage the battery connected to the system. At the same time, a power system can run and control lots of appliances and electronics that you need while camping, such as lights, fridges, mobile phones, TV, and more. The best thing about a power system is that it comes pre-wired on a board, which can then be easily installed into your caravan or 4WD vehicle. You barely need to lift a finger!

No need to worry about wasting money on the wrong components or accessories. All professional connections and sizing is done for you, so you know for sure your system is safe and will perform efficiently.


4WD Canopy Systems

4WD canopy systems are made to be installed into the back of Utes and 4WDs. They are great for tradies who need to power up gear in off-grid locations (and then want to head off on a 4WD adventure when Friday comes calling!)

Enerdrive’s most popular pre-wired power systems are the 4WD canopy systems:


DIY Installation Boards

Another option with Enerdrive Systems is the DIY Installation Boards. These are most commonly used in caravans, motorhomes or vans, but can be used in Utes and 4WD vehicles too. 

These boards are all pre-wired by Enerdrive where possible, which is all about keeping the kits quick and easy to install. 

Each board comes with a full wiring diagram showing each circuit and where to connect your battery, loads and inverter cabling. 

All components are mounted onto a 12mm black plastic board for easy mounting into your vehicle, and the board is water and rot resistant for maximum durability on the go.

As you’d expect with Enerdrive Systems, there are lots of different layouts and dimensional sizes to fit almost any application. 

Choose from small kits with AC & DC charging and battery monitoring (like the Enerdrive 40A AC & DC RV80 Kit) up to kits with solar controllers (like this Enerdrive 60A AC and DC with Tristar 45Amp Solar Controller and ePRO plus monitor) and even kits with 2000W inverters and individual charge/load monitoring. 

Here is our range of e-system DIY Enerdrive Boards:


Here is a quick snapshot to compare which system is right for you: 














ePOWER AC 40Amp 230v Charger





ePOWER AC 60Amp 230v Charger










ePOWER DC2DC 40+ Charger (Vehicle/Solar)

Morningstar Tristar PWM-45A Solar Controller







Enerdrive Epower MPPT 40A Solar Controller













ePRO Plus 500A Battery Monitor with Remote Display







Simarine Pico LCD WIFI Monitoring Screen







Simarine SC303 300A Main Battery Shunt







Simarine SCQ25T Individual Load/Charge Module









Simarine SCQ50 Individual Load/Charge Module











Inverter Breaker 200A (Pre Wired Inverter Supply










Battery Restart Switch (Lithium Batteries)






24hr Critical Load Distribution Fuse Block





Main Load Distribution Fuse Block









ePOWER 2000W AC Transfer Inverter












1185W x 380H x 130Dmm

600W x 490H x 100Dmm

600W x 490H x 100Dmm

1185W x 380H x 130Dmm

790W x 380H x 100Dmm

1195W x 380H x 111Dmm

1195W x 380H x 111Dmm

920W x 380H x 111Dmm

490W x 600 H x 111D mm

490W x 600 H x 111D mm

600W x 350H x 111D mm

600H x 520W x 111Dmm


Which Cable Kit Fits Your Installation?

Once you’ve decided on your Enerdrive System, choose the right cable kit for your installation. 

To make things easy, Enerdrive has released three pre-wired charging cables to connect to the DC to DC charger mounted in these systems.

First, decide where you are planning on mounting the DC to DC Charger. Choose from either in your driving vehicle or in the caravan or trailer.

Then choose the appropriate cable/cables below. Simple!


Charger Mounted In Driving Vehicle:

The Enerdrive 16mm Cable Kit including fuse, starter battery to DC-DC charger connects your starter battery to the DC-DC charger, with a 70 Amp fuse close to the starter battery, with the charger mounted to the rear of the vehicle. 


Charger Mounted In Caravan/Trailer:

Buy the Enerdrive Anderson 50Amp connector to DC to DC charger cable kit to connect your starter battery to the charger, when the charger is mounted in your caravan or trailer. The Anderson connector is mounted at the tow hitch with the cable running to the DC to DC Charger in the trailer/van. 


Connect a Portable Solar Panel:

If you want to connect a portable solar panel (which is unregulated) via an Anderson plug, you need to buy the Enerdrive 16mm Cable Kit with Anderson Plug. 

The cable size is always 16mm2, which is thick enough to carry the full current through to  your charger and through the cable lengths supplied. 

But wait, there’s more!

We offer even more cables to connect inverters. Speak to our experts to guide you through your installation so you can be confident you’re getting it right. 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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