Hassle-Free Towing with a Hayman Reese Hitch

In sync with every other development in the modern world, the camping scene has undergone significant transformations over the past few decades. From simplistic, even frugal setups, motor homes have transitioned into fully serviced mobile residences where sophisticated gadgetry and appliances are the norm. These developments have certainly added a world of comfort to camping. But there is a distinct flipside; lugging a fully furnished trailer through arduous stretches of road, for instance. Keep up with the times by outfitting your camper trailer with adequate reinforcements, chief among which is a good quality weight distribution hitch.

There are numerous brands of towing hitches available today, but the average Australian camper prefers the Hayman Reese Hitch range. Hayman Reese understands camping. Having held its own in the Australian camping and towing scene over the past several decades, its products are sensitive to the practical challenges faced while towing a trailer down bumpy country roads and meandering terrain. To this end, it offers specifically calibrated weight distribution systems that account for most common trailer makes and sizes.

Hayman Reese simplifies the process of selecting an appropriate towing hitch by cross referencing its products not just by rated trailer weights, but also by vehicle makes, models and specifications. The brand’s weight distribution hitch range is primarily divided into the Classic and Standard kits, the former featuring trunnion style bars and the latter assembled with round spring bars. Both are calibrated for two different trailer ball weights of 600lb and 800lb. In addition to this, Hayman Reese also offers towing solutions for both lighter and heavier loads, in the form of the 180lb rated Mini, the 300lb rated Intermediate, and the 1200lb rated super heavy duty towing hitch. Customers can thus select a Hayman Reese Hitch closely matching their requirements, and even upgrade their purchases with sway controls, braking controls and a variety of add-ons as needed. Hayman Reese ensures that all its products and accessories are designed to complement each other and contribute towards making for a smooth driving experience.

A Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch works best when partnered with an appropriate Hayman Reese sway control mechanism. For a relatively lightweight trailer, the weight distribution hitch itself offers some degree of protection against trailer sway. But a dedicated sway control mechanism is advisable for larger trailers, and for the purposes of controlling sway caused by cross winds. The 600lb, 800lb and 1200lb towing hitches offered by Hayman Reese are outfitted with integrated friction sway control tabs, with the additional option of adding a Dual Cam sway control as well. The more basic Mini and Intermediate models are designed for lighter loads and thus do not require additional sway controls.

Your camper trailer’s Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch should ideally be paired with original Hayman Reese towbars. The authenticity of a Hayman Reese towbar can be gauged from a logo and compliance plate on the cross member. In addition to towbars, the Hayman Reese inventory also includes accessories such as braking controls and vehicle battery monitors. These can be paired with a Hayman Reese Hitch to give your camping setup the ideal framework for safe and effortless driving.