Jack Antennas: Bringing you a Touch of Home

As we embark on a caravanning adventure, we are often elated with the thought of escaping our daily lives for an interlude into nature.

We pack our things anxiously, hustle our campmates out the door, and set out into the Australian world for what we’re sure will be the time of our lives. While the majority of the adventure is novel and exhilarant, there reaches a moment during the tail-end of the journey when we just can’t wait to be home.

Adventure is fun, but comforts are too, an issue that can be difficult to rectify while living the nomadic vacation lifestyle. If you’re looking to bring some of the comforts of home along with you on your caravanning adventures, OR are simply looking for a bit of entertainment to break the monotony of long nights and rides, you may want to look into purchasing a Jack antenna.

The Jack antenna, distributed by Camec, is a versatile antenna that allows caravan campers Australia-wide to partake in a little bit of that good ol’ TV comfort while travelling on the road.

The following few sections will be providing a brief overview of the two types of Jack antennas: Outdoor and Roof-Mounted  

Outdoor Jack Antenna

The outdoor Jack antenna is a versatile antenna that can be used on the road or at home. Featuring a high-functioning integrated amplifier, the Jack outdoor antenna maximizes standard VHF and UHF reception, ensuring a crystal clear picture in even hard-to-reach signal areas.

Priced at approximately $100, this basic Jack model comes with everything required for installation, including a universal bracket for campers interested in pole-mounting.

The outdoor Jack specifications are as follows:

  • Antenna head dimensions of 415 mm (w) x 318mm (d) x 55mm (h)
  • Frequency bands:
  • VHF- 47-230 MHz with 20 dB gain
  • UHF- 470-860 MHz with 25 dB gain



Roof-Mounted Jack Antenna

Although the outdoor Jack antennas are wonderful products in and of themselves, the roof-mounted Jack antennas take everything one step further, greatly increasing performance and adding a ton of user-friendly features.

Greatly considered to be the “new and improved” version of the outdoor Jack model, the roof-mounted Jack antenna features the following additions to its outdoor counterpart:

  • Automatic rotating for a larger reception range and dead-spot elimination
  • Increased UHF reception (for digital channels) as well as traditional VHS reception
  • High-performance digital amplifier to strengthen weak reception signals
  • A stylish, modern appearance designed with wind resistance in mind
  • About 70% smaller than other caravan antenna units
  • One fixed height which eliminates the need for annoying crank handles


The Jack Roof-Mounted antenna additionally boasts the following specifications:

  • Dimensions of 318 mm (l) x 220 mm (h) x 415mm (d)
  • Total weight of 1.04 kilograms
  • Maximum roof pitch of 3 degrees
  • Required roof thickness of 32mm to 114mm
  • Frequency bands:
  • VHF- 47-230 MHz with 20 dB gain
  • UHF- 470-860 MHz with 25 dB gain

The Jack Roof-Mounted antenna is generally sold for approximately $300; however, countless campers have stated that the additional features outweigh the added price.