Jack Antennas: Model Comparison

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:20 October 2016 

As humans, we rapidly become accustomed to our day-to-day routine and, although trips can be appealing in their novelty, even the most enthusiastic of us will ultimately come to miss the various comforts of home. 

While we often expect to miss things like home-cooked meals, comfy couches, and familiar faces, we don’t often think of simply growing bored or out of touch with recent events while we’re enjoying our trip.

If you’re looking for a bit more camping entertainment or are simply looking to stay up to date with recent news, your favorite TV shows, and sports games while on the road, then a quality caravan antenna may benefit you.

These convenient add-ons allow you to partake in entertainment generally not accessible during traditional camping experiences and are particularly useful for those travelling with small children or families.

Although there are various caravan antenna models available, the following few paragraphs, provided by Caravan RV Camping, will serve as a brief overview of Jack Antennas in particular.

Jack Antenna General Overview

Jack Antennas, endorsed and distributed by Camec, are extremely popular with campers seeking additional entertainment on their travels.

These antennas are available in two different styles:

The exterior-mounted model can essentially be considered the basic Jack antenna, while the rotating, rooftop model is more advanced, featuring additional features and a larger price tag.

Exterior-Mounted Jack Antenna

As mentioned, the exterior-mounted Jack antenna is the standard Jack antenna model.

Being able to be installed and used at home or in a caravan, this versatile antenna is an extremely affordable entertainment option, generally being sold for approximately $100.

These antennas are capable of receiving both VHF and UHF bands, and are additionally equipped with a high-powered amplifier capable of boosting weak and hard-to-reach signals.

A universal bracket for pole mounting is included with the purchase of an exterior-mounted Jack antenna, eliminating the need to buy supplementary hardware for installation.


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Rotating, Rooftop Jack Antenna

The rotating, rooftop Jack antenna can essentially be considered the new and improved version of the exterior-mounted Jack antenna model, touting an improved, wider range of reception as well as increased automatic functions.

The antenna’s automatic rotating ability enables it to receive a wider range of signals and to eliminate dead spots, while its amplifier additionally allows for the enhancement of signals deemed weak or hard to reach. 

Because of its rooftop location, the Jack rotating antenna has been engineered for minimum wind resistance, featuring a sleek design advertised as 70% smaller than competitor versions.

As a result of this model’s increased features and automation, the rotating rooftop jack antenna is often sold for approximately $300, making it 3 times more expensive than the basic Jack model.


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