Jack Antennas: Outdoor versus Rooftop Models

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:13 September 2016 

During long caravan road trips, even the most enthusiastic camper will eventually miss the quick entertainment afforded to them by their favorite television shows. Indeed, one can quickly fall out of touch with important news and global events, and even important cultural phenomena while escaping into the outdoors for a quick respite. And, after a while, travel-sized games and book tend to quickly wear off in novelty.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with important news and events, or simply don’t to miss the next season finale of Game of Thrones, then you need to get your hands on a quality caravan antenna.These incredible systems allow you to partake in many forms of entertainment typically not typically available to campers on the road.

Caravan RV Camping, Australia’s leading online superstore, are big proponents of the Camec-endorsed Jack Antenna systems. The following few paragraphs will be explaining why.

Types of Jack Antenna Models

Jack Antennas, provided and endorsed by Camec, are suited for everything from trailers and caravans to homes and apartments.

There are two general categories of Jack Antennas, which include:

Outdoor Jack Antenna Models

As mentioned, Jack Outdoor Antennas are versatile systems that can easily be used in a variety of RVs, as well as at home. Considered the “standard” Jack antenna model, a prominent feature of the Jack Outdoor Antenna is a high-functioning integrated amplifier capable of strengthening standard VHF and UHF reception to the maximum capacity possibility.

Purchase of the Jack Outdoor Antenna Model eliminates the need to purchase additional installation equipment, as the system comes equipped with a universal bracket specifically geared for pole mounting.

The specifications of the Jack Outdoor Antenna are as follows:

Sold Australia-wide, Jack Outdoor Antennas are typically priced somewhere in the $100 range.

Jack Roof-Mounted Antenna Models

Featuring an incredible number of innovative features and benefits, the Jack Roof-Mounted Antenna can be considered the “new-and-improved” version of the Jack Outdoor Antenna. Some features of the Jack Roof-Mounted Antenna include:

The Jack Roof-Mounted antenna additionally boasts the following specifications:

For more information you can visit the Jack Antenna range here.