Truma Hot Water Options: A Brief, Three-Minute Overview

Whether you’re the type of camper who believes that hot water is a luxury or not, everyone can agree that boiling and cooling large amounts for simple tasks is a time-consuming hassle.

With today’s large range of high-quality caravan heating units, there’s no need for such primitive camping practices.

The following few paragraphs, provided by Caravan RV Camping, are a brief overview of some of Truma’s most efficient hot water system models.

NOTE: Although Truma also manufactures heating and air conditioning units, this article will be focusing on their lines with water heating capabilities, specifically.


The Truma Reputation

In early June of 2015, Truma was awarded an Innovation Prize from the judging committee at the prestigious, German Mittlstand Summit. With nearly 70 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality caravan accessories, however, it was only a matter of time.

Truma was originally founded in 1949 by a man name Philip Kreiss.

Today, the company remains a family-owned business in small town Putzbrunn, conducting all international business from this single location.

On top of the water heating systems covered in this article, Truma’s large collection of products and add-ons additionally include items such as user-friendly caravan maneuvering systems.

Whatever the product is, if it bears the Truma name, you are guaranteed a personal purchasing experience, superior construction, innovative features, and a stylish design.


Truma Water Heating Lines

As mentioned, Truma is extremely innovative and offers a variety of heating options for a large number of mobile heating needs. This article, however, will only be addressing water heating units, in particular.

These include:

  • Truma Electric Boilers
  • Truma Combi Heaters


Truma Electric Boilers

Truma’s Electric Boiler line is composed of high-efficiency, flexible systems strictly devoted to heating caravan water supplies.

A popular electric boiler model is Truma’s B14 Electric Boiler.

This unit features a high-performance gas burner measuring at 1500W, a large 10L capacity, super short heating times (capable of heating from 15 °C to 70C in 16 ° minutes), and a resilient, corrosion-free, stainless steel tank.

The Truma B14 Electric Boiler models include versions that use a gas boiler only, as well as both gas and electric.


Truma Combi Heaters

Although Truma Combi Heaters are technically listed under Truma’s air system product catalogue, Truma Combi Heaters are also extremely efficient at heating water.

The Combi 4E and the Combi 6E (specifically designed for use with larger caravans) are great heating options for both water and air.

The 4E boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 98%, making it one of the most high-performance multi-function heating units currently available on the market.

With an output rated at 4000 watts, and a variety of features (including FrostControl, extremely short heating times, and a corrosion-proof, stainless steel tank), it’s easy to see why the Combi 4E has quickly become a favorite amongst camping enthusiasts everywhere. 


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