Waeco’s Coolmatic RPD-190 and RPD-218 Models

Caravan camping is much more than a simple alternative to international travel. It is a passion of many, acting as a great way to explore the nation, meet new people, and to ultimately have a great time while doing it.

Now, although caravanning is a perfect way to escape and spend quality time with the family, the little touches of home are undoubtedly what turns a simple caravanning trip into the adventure of a lifetime.

Realistically, how much fun can really be had while dealing with soiled clothes, outdoor washroom facilities, and boxes of warm ale?

Very little.

It is for this reason that new caravan owners should always consider caravan appliances.

If you’re in the market for a caravan appliance, or a caravan refrigerator in particular, then the following few paragraphs, going over Waeco’s new Coolmatic models, are especially dedicated to you.

Simply read on for everything you need to know about Waeco’s stunning new Coolmatic RPD-190 and 218 compressor models.


The Waeco Coolmatic Product Range

The Coolmatic product range is a line of specialized caravan refrigerators offered by Waeco.

These fridges can be categorized as compressor fridges, promoting cooling through the use of a powerful compressor.

Compressor fridges are preferred by some campers due to the low amount of electricity required to keep them running and, for the most part, these types of fridges are capable of being run using standard 12V/240V electricity systems.


Newest Coolmatic Models

In January of 2016, Dometic and Waeco announced that they would be replacing their popular RPD-175 and RPD-215 Coolmatic units with new and improved models.

Andreas Bischof, Managing Director of Dometic Australia, has stated, “We are continuously striving to make improvements on our products to meet our customers’ needs and the constantly evolving market so we hope the new RPD models are received well”.


The New Coolmatic RPD-190 and RPD-218

As mentioned, the new Coolmatic models are intended to be improved versions of the RPD-175 and RPD-215.

Andreas Bischof elaborates, “It is easy to see why the new replacement RPD fridge models are being introduced- with all their added benefits and quality performance that customers expect from this type of product”.


The enhancements that have been added to the new Waeco Coolmatic models include:

  • Increased capacity
  • Automatic front flange heating via internal dew point coil
  • AC integration
  • Bottom internal ventilation
  • Improved performance at high ambient temperatures


Coolmatic RPD-190 and RPD-218 Model Specifications

As mentioned, the capacity of the newer Coolmatic models has been increased to 190L for the RPD-190 and 218L for the RPD-218.

Available in either black or silver, both new models are insulated using CFC-free polyurethane foam and high-impact polystyrene. The doors and bodies of these models are additionally manufactured using superior-grade sheet steel and interior liners.

Weighing in at approximately 44kg for the RPD-190 and 45kg for the RPD-218, both of these new Coolmatic models advertise the following features:

  • Includes flush mount frame
  • Electronic controls with the turbo and power-saving settings
  • Two adjustable safety shelves and two standard safety shelves
  • Includes hinge conversion kit
  • Interior light
  • Sculpted drain trough to facilitate cleaning