Weatherproof Caravanning with Camec Australia

Up until a decade or two ago, caravanning was mostly associated with sunny summer days and pleasant nights spent under the stars. While this remains perfectly achievable today, modern campers are no longer restricted by weather conditions. Modern caravan parts and accessories are designed to help caravans tough it through the harshest of weather conditions. Brands such as Camec Australia have been instrumental in this development. 

Air conditioners

The emergence of air conditioners for caravans was nothing short of revolutionary. All of a sudden, the caravanning scene was overlaid by a whole new level of comfort. Camec’s air conditioners are specifically tailored for heavy duty caravanning. Not only are they lightweight and easy to install, they also offer efficient air distribution, consume minimal power, and can optionally heat the interior of your caravan as well. In addition to this, Camec air conditioners are optimised to absorb vibrations and prevent water leakage into the interior of your caravan.

Doors and Windows

A huge fraction of your caravan’s heat loss (or gain) occurs through its openings. Armed with Camec doors and windows, your caravan can face rain, snow and temperature variations with finesse. From waterproof seals all around the frame to double glazing for better insulation, these doors and windows are equipped with a host of functionalities that can actually enhance the performance of your air conditioner or space heater. What’s more, Camec’s doors and windows sport a durable aluminium build that makes them resistant to direct sunlight and precipitation in the form of rain or snow. A number of doors and windows from the Camec caravan parts collection also come with additional UV resistance, making them last longer and protect your investment.

Washing machines

While a washing machine might not seem like an obvious weatherproofing solution, they do have a role to play in helping you brave the weather while caravanning. Portable washing machines from the Camec Australia range eliminate the hassle of washing your clothes by hand, and are a blessing during the winter months. Of course, this advantage is also backed up by other features including hot water washes and the ability to choose an appropriate wash program for different fabrics. In short, you can travel light and free up precious space in your caravan for other weatherproofing solutions such as space heaters. You also needn’t depend on Laundromats along the way.

Self-contained bathrooms

A fully functioning bathroom within your caravan will eliminate the need to step out or find a caravan park during rough weather. Camec Australia offers everything from portable toilets to instant water heaters. It is of course wise to use as little water as possible while caravanning, but it doesn’t hurt to know that you have the option of a hot shower if need be!

The wilderness beckons. Experience its beauty in all its forms and seasonal variations. Get Camec caravan parts for your caravan and travel in weatherproof, insulated comfort.