Camec: A History

Camec is Australia’s leading provider of RV parts and accessories. Few people, however, have any idea regarding their history. The following few paragraphs will be going over the history and evolution of the Camec brand.

What is Camec?

Camec is a reputed Australian RV and caravan supplier. They create a large number of RV items, including caravan appliances, accessories, electrical, furniture, entertainment, plumbing, and more.


Camec was founded by a man named Kevin O’Brien in 1963. O’Brien was a keen entrepreneur who quickly recognized the need for a specialised caravan repair centre to accommodate the growing caravan and tourism industries.

O’Brien worked diligently to develop Melbourne’s Classic Caravan Repair Center. This repair centre would rapidly increase its customer base, later acting as a caravan retailer as well. During this time, O’Brien worked closely alongside the nation’s largest caravan manufacturers, dealers, and insurance companies to ensure the best consumer experience possible.

Observing Classic Caravan Repair’s Center’s booming success, O’Brien ultimately decided that a wholesale business model would benefit the company.  This new wholesale business was named Camec.

FUN FACT: Camec is actually an acronym for “Caravan and Marine Equipment Company”.


With this sudden boom of success, very little could stand in O’Brien’s way. In the late 1980s, the company acquired an aluminium roll forming plant and the equipment required for manufacturing custom water tanks. These acquisitions quickly enabled the Camec brand to introduce unique products manufactured from alternative overseas suppliers.

This product expansion appealed to customers and ultimately enabled Camec to purchase Caraparts, their lead competitor. With the acquisition of Caraparts, not only was Camec equipped to produce water tanks, but Camec-branded windows, doors, and hatches too.

Furthermore, the purchasing of Caraparts’ Queensland distribution facility officially confirmed Camec’s growing status as a nationally based company. Despite its growth, Camec was acquired by Fleetwood in 2000 which resulted in Camec integrating with Caravan Parts of Western Australia. This integration was extremely beneficial in providing Camec with the equipment required to produce their custom products on a growing scale.

Some Camec-branded innovations of this time include the Galaxy window, Camec security door and 4-seasons skylight roof hatch. However, Camec was also making a name for itself aesthetically, widening their offerings of color options while drastically improving their size selection.Throughout the early millennium, Camec continued buying out lead competitors, including Serata (New Zealand) and Car-Van.

Camec Today

Camec’s successful beginnings were largely due to Kevin O’Brien’s intuitive business skills and aggressive expansion, however, its continued success is now largely due to years of experience and a rock solid reputation. As of 2016, Camec remains Australia and New Zealand’s biggest supplier of RV parts and are a major sponsor/supporter of both the national and state-level Caravan Industry of Australia associations.

Australian Retail Locations

There are currently 3 official Camec retail stores:

  • Camec Brisbane/Queensland (located in Archerfield)
  • Camec WA (located in Welshpool)
  • Camec NSW (located in Caringbah)

For any other questions or concerns regarding Camec, please feel free to contact us directly via telephone at 1-800-RV-PARTS.