Celebrating the Mobile Lifestyle with Dometic


A name that has come to be synonymous with both quality and variety as far as caravan, motorhome, RVs parts and accessories are concerned, Dometic enjoys an enviable industry presence that spans multiple decades and geographical locations. The company is of Swedish origin and has been in existence since as far back as the 1920s. However, it came to be known as Dometic Corporation in the US in the 1960s, and later as Dometic Group, a conglomerate of brands including Dometic, WAECO, Condaria, Cruisair, Marine Air, SeaLand and Mobicool.


A bit much? Well, that’s exactly it. What sets Dometic Group apart from other manufacturers of caravan, motorhome parts and accessories, is its mammoth product range. Rather than restricting its design and technology to standard products relevant to the RV industry, Dometic Group has evolved with efficient mobile living as its core objective. Its proffered products thus cater not only to motorhomes, but also to the marine industry, as well as commercial and passenger vehicle markets. Dometic Australia itself supplies everything from camping gear, to boating and marine equipment, to automotive parts and accessories, to specialised products for caravans, trailers and RVs.


There’s bound to be something special about a brand that starts out as a modest manufacturer of refrigerators and refrigerator parts and moves on to attain the status of the world’s most trusted brand across multiple product niches. Of course, one of the reasons for this is the tried and tested quality of every Dometic product. Every Dometic fridge, air conditioner and washing machine is designed with the specific concerns of caravanning in mind. A Dometic air conditioner for instance is almost always a one-time investment, lasting at least as long as the motorhome it is installed in. Similarly, a Dometic washing machine is designed with due attention to the space constraints of a typical caravan or camper trailer, as well as the varying laundry requirements of the typical caravanning family.


However, superior build quality isn’t the only reason for the popularity of Dometic products. The brand lays immense focus on sustainability, both social and environmental. Besides adopting a community and economy friendly approach to its operations in the 100+ countries it is based in, Dometic also specialises in manufacturing appliances and accessories that consume minimal resources while delivering optimal performance. If you’ve used a Dometic air conditioner or Dometic fridge in your caravan or RV, you’ll be aware of the way in which it smartly manages power consumption. Even a Dometic washing machine will give you a number of operational modes to choose from, thus consuming as little energy as possible without compromising on the wash quality.


Head to the Dometic Australia website https://www.dometic.com/en-au/au for a detailed guide to the countless ways in which the brand can make life in your caravan, motorhome or RV comfortable and efficient. Alternatively, Dometic products can be found right here on www.caravanrvcamping.com or simply call one of our friendly staff on 1800 787 278.