How to Decide Whether to Purchase a Caravan Air Conditioner

While a caravan air conditioner may not be considered a necessity in the same sense that one needs water and food, adding a specialised caravan air conditioner to a setup can dramatically turn a camping experience for the better.

Nobody enjoys being trapped in a smothering hot vehicle during long drives, feeling the presence of sticky sweat and heat all around them.

Depending on whether you’re travelling with vulnerable populations such as children or elderly companions, this type of situation can actually be very dangerous, inciting events like dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

If you’re in the market for a quality caravan air conditioner or are simply just looking to learn more about them in general, then you’ve come to the right place. This post will include everything you need to know when deciding on whether a certain caravan air conditioning model is for you.


Is an Air Conditioner Necessary?

A caravan air conditioner is generally a top priority in the mind of campers, if you have ever experienced the Australian climate you will agree its one of the first things that comes to mind when touring the Australian outback. However, as mentioned, it can greatly increase in importance while travelling with heat-vulnerable populations, such as small children and the elderly. If you don’t foresee any hot summer travels or those cold winter morning's then it boils down to a personal preference of the adventurous tourer.


Can I Use a House Air Conditioning Unit?

When researching the topic of caravan air conditioners, you will often encounter campers who proclaim with great confidence that a basic house hold air conditioning unit will do the trick. If you are in a stationary position and a long-term placement a house hold air conditioner will do the trick as long as you have constant 240-Volt power supplied to you caravan, motor home or RV and not paying a weekly rate for power as a house hold air conditioner will consume double the power of a RV air conditioner.

Specialised recreational vehicle air conditioning systems are specifically engineered to be able to withstand extreme terrain you experience while driving, as well as the natural elements that may be encountered on the road. These systems generally integrate superior structure, rigidity and weather proofing that the normal house hold air conditioners do not provide. So, the thing you need to look at is how many RV air conditioners do you see installed on houses? that's right you probably won't and never will see one installed on a residential application and that's because each has been designed and manufactured for their specific field.


Choosing the right brand Caravan Air Conditioner

Choosing a quality, efficient RV air conditioner that is well priced can be a lengthy process if you don't know to much about the RV industry and have never dealt with these type of components before it can seem like an arduous task. Depending on your layout, size and personal requirements of your caravan, RV, or motor home will determine the right branded air conditioner for you setting. There are three top brands that pretty much cover every installation application across the board on the RV market today, Dometic, Aircommand and Truma. All have been designed and manufactured to deliver fresh, chilled conditioned air also providing a cosy heated internal cabin for systems that are equipped with a reverse cycle system. Throughout the range of all three brands you can choose from a roof top, under bunk or a split system which will cater for you specific application as not all RV air conditoner's will suit every requirement. So, when choosing a RV air conditioning system make sure you check out the mentioned units in this post and if you have any queries or questions please feel free to contact the Caravan RV Camping team on or call 1800 787 278.