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Under Bunk Air Conditioner

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Truma Saphir Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner - 2.4KW Cooling - 1.7KW Heating


Offering caravans, campers and RVs 2.4KW of cooling and 1.7KW of heating abilities, through a single air conditioning unit, the Truma Saphir Comfort packages sophistication, comfort and convenience into one intelligently designed reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. A perfect weatherproofing solution for caravans and motor homes up to 6.5m in length, the product is supplied ready for installation, its compact proportions and minimal weight (only 23.5kg) allowing it to fit comfortably under the vehicle’s cupboard or bed.

The heating and cooling power of the Saphir Comfort is supported by immense ease of use. All functions of the unit can be accessed through a remote control (supplied with the product), or by means of a separately purchasable Truma CP Plus digital control panel that can simultaneously control this air conditioner and a compatible hot water system.

The Saphir Comfort air conditioner comes with a fair degree of automation, monitoring the temperature within your motor home, besides allowing you to schedule any operation by means of its handy timer function. The most compact reverse cycle air conditioner for motor homes at this performance rating, the Truma Saphir Comfort is a valuable addition to any RV, caravan or camper that spends a significant amount of time on the road.



  • Suitable for caravans, RVs and campers up to 6.5m in length
  • Powerful cooling ability of 2.4KW
  • Heat pump-based heating at 1.7KW
  • Efficient heating and cooling, with automatic monitoring of interior temperature
  • Programmed with dehumidification feature
  • Ultra-lightweight unit, weighing only 23.5kg
  • Extremely compact proportions for ease of installation; fits comfortably under a motor home’s bed or cupboard
  • Supplied ready to install
  • Supplied with full-function remote control that allows access to all functions
  • Can be optionally accessed by separately purchasable Truma CP Plus digital panel, which will also control a hot water system
  • Comes with timer function for scheduling of heating and cooling tasks
  • Practical timer function
  • Included: 1x Circulation air intake grill, 3x Clip US, 3x End outlet with Air throttle suits T-pipe LT, 3x End outlet Nut EM



  • Operation: 240V
  • Best for vehicle length: Up to 6.5m
  • Single Phase Electrical Rating: 230-240 volts
  • Cooling Capacity: 2.4kW
  • Heating Capacity: 1.7kW
  • Current Draw (Cooling/Heating): 4.2A / 3.7 A
  • Operating Temperature Range: 4 to 43C
  • Max Airflow: 380m3/h (105L/s)
  • Blower Speeds: 3 + Sleep Mode
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Functions: Integrated heat pump function, highly efficient, delivers exceptionally high performance
  • Dimensions: 400 x 290 x 628mm
  • Weight: 23.5Kg
  • Warranty: 2 years


Note: Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.

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Brand Truma

GTIN 4052816024912

Product Category RV Air Conditioners

Best For Vehicle Length Up to 6.5m

Cooling Capacity: 2.4 kW

Dimensions: 400 x 290 x 628 mm (W x H x L)

Weight: 23.5 Kg

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the Description section on this page.

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Warranty Details: Please CLICK HERE for Warranty Information on this product

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Very Pleased

By: on 9 April 2022

Very good product, easy to install, noise level acceptable, fan power good, would recommend to our friends...many thanks

Great service and a great product

By: on 3 March 2022

We recently purchased the Truma Saphir under bunk air conditioner . We were worried with the problems with transportation due to Covid that it wouldn’t arrive in time Thanks so much to the staff at Caravan RV Camping the unit was delivered to my door within 2 days We are so impressed with the quality and the performance of the unit thanks again Caravan RV Camping .

Underbunk aircon/heater

By: on 12 November 2021

We have a Jayco penguin camper Trailer and the Underbunk A/C fitted perfectly. Still had room for storeage. We kept cool travelling through the NT in 40 deg temp, and when we stopped in SA and the temp dropped to 10 deg we kept warm by turning the A/C to heat. Perfect unit for travelling in our drafty camper trailer. Highly recommended.

Truma ducted air Conditioner

By: on 16 September 2021

Excellent product very happy

Truma Saphir aircon

By: on 8 March 2021

Great under bunk aircon with plenty of cool air pressure. A little noisy when compressor cuts in. Pity they don’t include the ducts with the unit.

Truma saphir confort ducted air conditioner

By: on 6 November 2020



By: on 23 April 2019

I purchased and installed the Truma AC unit under the double bed in our 16' Avan "The Oscar". The unit came with all instructions and a floor cut out template which was very handy. You need to ensure that the inlet air, outlet air and both condensate drain holes are clear of any metal framework, wiring ,gas or water pipes underneath before you cut the holes in the floor. I had to position the unit to clear a floor support bar under the caravan. I cut the internal inlet air grill on one side of the under bed cupboard and had 2 conditioned air exhausts at the front of the bed and one on the opposite side to the inlet air grill. Lucky I could easily hide the power connections under the bed where the caravan 240v control is and ran the AC control cable internally up into the side of another tall cupboard. The unit works very well. It is not noisy as I fixed a 3mm yoga mat between the unit and the floor just in case. The remote control works well, is easy to use and easy to pair with the wall sensor. Very happy as it is a quality unit.

  • I intend to run my Caravan Air Conditioner from a Generator as we will be staying in unpowered locations and my battery bank is not big enough to run the AC for very long. What size Generator do you recommend running my Caravan AC?

    The answer is quite simple, and it just depends on the Caravan Aircon model you have. If you have one of the newer Caravan Aircon models that include inverter technology within the compressor (such as the Dometic Harrier or Dometic Ibis4 Aircon models), then a 2000w inverter generator will be fine.

    If you have an Aircon model that does not include inverter technology within the compressor (of which there are many new and old Aircon models on the market that do not have inverter tech), then we would recommend a minimum 2200-2400w inverter generator. This is because the Aircon models without inverter technology in the compressor require a bit more power on start up.

    Please note that the above sizing advice does not take into consideration any other appliances running and drawing power from the generator at the same time as the Aircon is running.

    As a general rule, depending on the above criteria of Aircon compressor type, most of our Caravan customers will opt for a generator of around 2000 to 3500 watts in size. There are other larger inverter generator models available from 4000 to 6500 watts in size, but these are less commonly used by caravan/RV owners.

    Popular Caravan Generator models include:

  • Can I run my Caravan Air Conditioner from my Caravan Battery Bank?

    The short answer is yes, it is possible. However, there are a few extra important things to consider.

    The main thing is how long you will be able to run your Aircon for. Let us take one of the more popular and energy efficient Caravan Aircon models on the market: the Dometic Ibis4 Rooftop Aircon: The peak power draw is around 1400w to 1500w. So, you could use a quality 2000w+ inverter (note that Caravan Aircons are 240V) with say a 200ah lithium battery and you will get around 1-2 hours Aircon run time, before you must recharge the batteries again. Depending on how you recharge your batteries (DC to DC charger, solar, mains power etc.), this charging will take time.

    So once again; you can do it with certain batteries & inverters if you are aware of how that will affect your battery storage and charge loss... and knowing how to manage that system.

    You can get a larger lithium battery system to run your Aircon for longer, but obviously this will cost more, so that needs to be considered. It is certainly a big recent trend that our RV customers are installing quality lithium battery systems to run their Caravans/Motorhomes etc. However, running an Aircon unit can be one of the larger power drawing appliances in your van, so it pays to consider your power system's capabilities and how long you want to run the Aircon.

    If you are just pulling up for short stops (1-2hrs) and you are doing a lot of driving, you can run your Caravan Aircon from your lithium batteries for this short time. Many RV owners do this, and as new Caravan Aircon models become increasingly energy efficient and lithium battery advancements evolve to be cheaper, more powerful, and even lighter, then we will certainly see this trend increase. However, currently the popular and often cost-effective choice to run your Aircon if you do not have access to mains power (i.e., free camping) is to use a small inverter generator. You can get a quality 2000-2400w sized inverter generator from around $1,000-$1,500 and these will run many RV Aircon units for 7+ hours before having to refuel.

    So once again, you can use a battery system, but it is not always the most practical option. For more advice on Power Systems to run your Caravan/RV, feel free to give us a call on: 1800 787 278.

  • I'm looking at buying one of your Caravan Air Conditioner models for my 20ft Caravan. What do I need to know about installation and set once I get the AC unit delivered?

    Hi there, fitting and Install instructions come with each Aircon unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.

  • What are the noise levels of your Caravan Air Conditioner units? I'm looking for a quiet model.

    This is a commonly asked question by Caravan/RV owners; however, it is unfortunate that Caravan Aircon manufacturers do not provide dBA ratings in their product model specifications. 

    We can say that we only sell high quality Air Conditioners from premium brands in the RV industry. The only time we have encountered an issue with noise is when the install was not undertaken correctly which can cause a rattle. However, if you ensure the install is done properly, there will be no issues with any of our RV Aircon units being too noisy. 

    One other piece of feedback we can provide, is that the two latest Dometic Aircon models (Harrier and Ibis4) have inverter technology within the compressor, meaning any vibration is minimised. Our customers and our internal testing suggest that when these models are operating at high cooling mode, the noise level is very, very low, making them arguably the quietest Aircon models in the market.

  • Does the Aircon unit come pre gassed ready to go or does it need to be charged?

    Hi There,

    Yes, the Aircon is pre gassed from factory and is ready to install.

  • We are wanting to install an air conditioner in our pop top caravan and was wondering if a roof top or under bunk unit is better for our pop top application?

    Great question, you can install either a roof top mount or under bunk air conditioner although there are a few pros and cons of each unit in your application.

    Firstly, the roof top installation will be more time laborious as a hole has to be cut in the roof, 240-volt power has to be run and a H - frame will more than likely be required for structure and rigidity. There for the labour factor will be higher than having a under bunk unit installed and will be costlier on the hip pocket. Installing a under bunk unit is more cost effective all though you will lose a minimal amount of space as the under bunk is installed under your bed or dinette seating arrangement, under bunk units are usually a little bit more expensive than roof top units so it will all boil down to the owner's personal preference.

  • I've got a Truma saphir installed in my caravan which was the best decision I've made since owning the caravan, it serves its purpose in every way possible in high and low ambient temperatures and could not be happier. Just wanting some advice on what size generator is suitable to run this unit?

    That's great to hear, the Truma Saphir is a superior unit and always gets the job done efficiently and economically. The required generator to start and run the Saphir is a Briggs and Stratton 3kva Invertor Generator which is compatible with all our Rooftop and Under Bunk Air Conditioning Range.

  • We have a small Jayco caravan and are thinking of installing the saphir, we are a family of five and are just concerned because of limited space. The unit will have to be installed under the dinette, in our arrangement our youngest sleeps right on top of where we are wanting to install the unit, will the noise level of operation be too loud for someone to get to sleep?

    No, as the Truma Saphir is the quietest under bunk air conditioner on the market and even with the fan on high and the unit working at its maximum capacity it's still whisper quiet and you would not even know the unit is in operation. So, to answer your question yes it will be fine to install the Truma Saphir in your required position.

  • Where is the best place to mount the Truma underbunk air conditioner?

    Picking a good location will help maximize storage space and the unit's airflow requirements.

    • Consider an area with good ventilation. The unit has a circulated air intake that pulls air from inside the van, a supply air intake and a supply air outlet that goes through the floor.
    • Consider where you plan to run your ducting. The shorter the ducting the more efficient the air conditioner will be.
    • Check beneath your vehicle is clear from obstructions as the intake and outtake pipes sit proud and need clearance
    • Keep in mind things like river crossings and ensure you have enough clearance. 
  • Which air outlet should I use to connect the ducting?

    The Truma Saphir air conditioner comes with three ducting outlets. You do not have to use all the three, but do ensure you use the outlets closest to the edge of the unit for the longest ducting length. It is the most powerful outlet.

  • What is the heating output like on this Product?

    The Truma saphir is a reverse cycle air conditioner rated at approximately 1.7 kW. (Note: Heating is not possible at an outside temperature of less than 4°C). The unit will always work more effectively in cooling mode compared to heating mode. Truma does sell a dedicated Truma varios gas heater. The electronic control panel from the gas heater can be paired with the Truma underbunk air conditioner. This allows you to control both with the one wall mounted control panel. There is also an "Automatic Climate Control" function, whereby you set the system to "Auto", then set your desired temperature and the CP Plus will automatically turn on the gas heater when it's too cold, or the AC unit when it's too hot.

  • Does the Truma Saphir come with a 240V plug attached to the unit?

    The Air Conditioner has a 240V cable pre-wired in, but there is no mains plug on the end. An electrician or qualified electrical contractor may choose to connect a plug or hardwire to the van's electrical system. Ensure to check the regulations in your state for 240V electrical work and engage a qualified tradesperson.

  • I have a 22 foot off road full height caravan and looking for a under bunk reverse cycle air conditioner, will the Truma Saphir suit my requirements?

    Yes, the Truma Saphir will comfortably heat and cool a 22-foot caravan as it has a internal cooling and heating capacity up to 6.5 metres.