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Dometic IBIS 4 - Roof Mounted Caravan Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology

The Dometic IBIS Mk4 roof top air conditioner is the next generation of the Dometic IBIS Range, with a new sleek design the new IBIS MK 4 is not only lighter than the IBIS MK 3, it is also much quieter and more efficient than its predecessors.  Inverter technology and universal aperture mounting kit makes the IBIS 4 interchangeable with any RV Air Conditioner on the market.  



  • Automatic Display Brightness: Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness of display
  • Auto Mode: Set temperature & system will decide mode and fan speed
  • Sleep Mode: Sleep mode reduces fan speed and compressor speed for reduced noise
  • Direct Mode Selection: Key modes are at your finger-tips
  • Turbo Fan Speed: Higher fan speed for faster cooldown
  • Compressor Type: New Generation Variable Speed Compressor
  • LIN-BUS/CI-BUS: Connectivity with CI-BUS compatible control panels
  • Optimised Airflow: Increased efficiency and reduced noise
  • Low Fan Noise: 3 Standard Speeds (Less fan noise than IBIS3)
  • Low Profile ADB: 48mm height
  • 2 Piece ADB: Simplified assembly due to reduced number of ADB parts
  • Dual Cylinder Inverter Compressor: Reduced vibration highly effective



  • Weight: 40kg
  • Nominal (Compressor Capacity): 3600W
  • Cooling Capacity (ISO5151): 620W to 2878W
  • Heating Capacity (ISO5151): 981W to 3029W
  • Current Draw (Cooling/Heating): 2.2A to 8.0A / 2.2A to 7.5A
  • Start-up Current: Less than 6.9A
  • Fan Speeds: 4 (Including Turbo Speed)
  • Roof Opening Fitment: 400 x 400mm or 360 x 360mm (universal) 
  • Dimensions:  (L) 1112mm x  (W) 758mm x  (H) 230mm
  • Suits roofs thicknesses from 20mm - 100mm, if above 100mm see - Extension Duct Kit Ibis MK4 
  • Operating temperature range;   -2 degrees and 52 degress 


Dometic Ibis 4 vs Aircommand Ibis 3 Dimensions


Expert Advise 

Want to replace your existing Caravan Air Conditioner with an IBIS 4? 

Replacing your existing Rv air conditioner has never been easier with the IBIS 4 being able to fit into both, 360mm x 360mm and 400mmm x 400mm roof cut-outs. Currently, all RV air conditioners across all brands are made to suit these two sized cutouts mentioned above. Not all RV air conditioners are made to suit both and having a unit that fits all existing apertures takes the hassle out of selecting the right air conditioner for your caravan.   

Check that you have enough space available on your roof!  Whilst the Ibis 4 overalll length is physically similar to most other brand airconditioners measuring in at 1120mm in length, the slighthly different mounting offset can make the Ibis 4 sit a further 100mm back (approx) from where your existing similar sized unit currently is positioned.  Any solar panels or hatches that are mounted extremely close to the rear of your existing air conditioner may hinder the installation of your Ibis 4.  To be safe - allow an extra 200mm of space behing your existing unit.  To be exact - you need 840mm minimum clearance measured from the centre of your roof cutout rearward of free space.  






Cool cooler

By: on 18 September 2019
Very quiet and cools van down easily

Dometic ibis 4

By: on 21 July 2019
Fitted to replace eletrolux air conditioner, lighter and a lot quitter even when run with turbo fan, compaired to when the old one was on lowest setting. Test run with my 2 kva Honda generator which handles it with easy on heating and on cooling will have to wait until the weather gets hot to see how the generator goes when it comes to cooling a hot caravan. Heavy to fit on your own if you want to fit it your self but can do if you have help, suplied instructions are clear and easy to follow

Ibis 4 air conditioning unit

By: on 4 May 2019
I had originally chosen a different aircon unit for the job but the guys directed towards the Ibis 4 and to their credit it worked exactly as they said it would.They gave me hints and tips on the installation which made it a lot easy when it came fit up time.


By: on 7 April 2019
After talking to a staff member and finding the information, I proceeded to place my order, the unit arrived very promptly. After getting my air conditioning technician in to install it, we are now enjoying a quiet and efficient unit.

Ibis 4 air con

By: on 29 March 2019
Great product so far , good instruction for fitting the unit to the van, am using it at present no problems.

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   Q)   We have an older model ibis Mkll and are looking to upgrade to a new unit after feeling the heat this summer whilst on our holiday break, we have noticed the new Aircommand Ibis MK4 is now available and the unit looks fantastic. Just wanting to know if it will fit in the same size hole in our roof? Is it a direct replacement for previous models? Many thanks in advance.

   A)   Hi There, yes, the new Ibis Mk4 has taken the RV market by storm. There have been multiple upgrades to the unit which intern is leaving the rest of the rivals in its wake, The Ibis Mk4 has a integrated adaption kit to suits existing apertures 400 x 400mm or 360 x 360mm there for making it a suitable replacement for all previous models of the Ibis and almost every RV air conditioner on the market.

   Q)   Hi, I have an Aircommand sparrow installed on my full height caravan and is over 8 years of age. I'm wanting to upgrade to a bigger more powerful unit but still want to keep a sleek low-profile design as I don't have much room to fit under my garage. Is the Ibis MK4 a low-profile design?

   A)   Hello, Yes, the Ibis Mk4 is one of the most low-profile sleek designs on the market. The total height of the unit is 230mm making it only 15mm higher than your Aircommand Sparrow, fingers crossed for you and hope this suits.

Q)   Hi, we have an old Dometic roof top air conditioner on our caravan and are interested in the Ibis Mk4. What is the overall installed weight of this unit? As we are right on the border with our weight levels as it is.

A)   The total installed weight of the Ibis Mk4 is 40Kgs, 8Kgs lighter than the previous model which means every little bit to its user as the authorities are cracking down on road users who are overweight with their caravans, trailers etc.

Q)   Hello, I own a pop top caravan and am very interested in the new Dometic Ibis MK 4. I have already purchased the H-frame to suit and was just wondering if this unit will still fit my roof thickness as the H-frame nearly doubles my roof thickness. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

A)   Hi, great question, the Ibis MK 4 accommodates roof thicknesses from 20mm - 100mm. If your roof thicknesses goes beyond 100mm you will need to purchase an           Extension Duct Kit - Ibis MK4, for every 10mm over you will need one duct per every 10mm. I hope this helps and thank you for your enquiry.

Caravan RV Camping

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