Beachside Camping Tips & Must Haves

Beachside Camping Tips & Must Haves

For caravan and 4WD enthusiasts, beachside camping offers a unique adventure, blending the comforts of home with the raw beauty of coastal landscapes.

However, as any seasoned beach camper knows, preparing for these holidays requires careful consideration and the right gear. From choosing the perfect spot to ensuring safety in the ever-changing beach environment, every aspect demands thoughtful planning.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential tips and must-have products for a memorable beachside camping experience. Whether you're a caravan traveller seeking sandy shores or a 4WD enthusiast eager to explore rugged coastal terrains, our comprehensive insights will equip you for the ultimate beach camping escapade. Let's dive in and discover how to make the most of your coastal retreat!


Safety Measures For Beach Camping:

If you are planning to camp close to or on the beach it is important to monitor the weather patterns before and during your trip. Anticipating tides, wind and storms can help to keep you and your vehicle safe and out of trouble. If your campsite is only accessible on low tide it is important to plan your entry and exit times based on low tide, don’t end up on the news because you have left it to late.

Although most of these beachside camping spots are located in some pretty spectacular locations most of the time, they are off-grid campsites with no access to water and power. Make sure you have these facilities on hand if you plan to stay at these locations for long periods of time. As well as this, most beach campsites will not have toilet facilities, so you need to be well prepared with a portable toilet. Be aware fines may apply for dumping toilet waste illegally. Check with you local rangers and don’t forget to take all your rubbish with you. It is also important to do your research about permits and regulations before you leave for your trip. There are some beaches and islands that do not allow camping. 


Choosing the Right Beach Campsite:

Choosing the right beach campsite can be the make or break of your holiday. Some things to consider include:

  • Do you require full sun for charging solar panels? Shady spots are enjoyable to keep everyone cool in summer but not ideal if you require full sun to keep your batteries charged. A long solar cable can help by camping in the shade and having your panels in the sun.

  • There is nothing worse than setting up your camp in the morning to discover the wind picks up in the afternoon and blows straight into your tent. Choosing a site that is well protected from more than one direction can ensure a lovely stay.

  • Doing your research prior to leaving or speaking to locals once arriving to determine how the campsites hold up in high tides. The last thing you need is to wake up through the night to water creeping into your tent.

  • Be considerate of campers who have set up before you, everyone is out to have an enjoyable holiday and they don’t need to be tripping over your guy ropes or hearing you snore because you have set up to close to them.


Essential Gear for Beachside Camping:

When leaving for your beachside camping trip it is important to bring the right gear along with you. One downside to camping on or next to the beach is the amount of sand that enters your van and beds. We have several solutions to minimise the amount of sand and dirt in your caravan and have an enjoyable and comfortable trip away. Whether it’s caravanning, 4wding or camping the below list will set you up for success on your next beachside camping trip.


Caravan Matting 

Bringing along Caravan Matting on your beachside camping adventure is a fantastic way to maintain a clean and sand-free space inside your tent and caravan. The CGear Multimat was originally designed as a helimat to keep dirt and debris from being kicked up by helicopter rotors. They have now introduced it into the caravan and camping sector and it's great for beachside camping because it lets sand and dirt fall through but won't come back up. You can also use it for shade or as a windbreak. It's tough and won't tear, and it's easy to set up and put away with the included carry bag. Plus, this handy durable mat is made to last for Australian conditions.


Levelling Gear

Another great addition just for the caravanners is good quality levelling gear. This ensures your caravan is stable when parked and there is no stress about it rolling down the hill into the sand dunes. When it comes to leveling your caravan or motorhome, the Redfoot Levelling Camper Levellers stand out as the ultimate choice for quality and performance. Their compact size belies their impressive load capacity, ensuring a swift and reliable leveling process. Crafted with a winning combination of superior design and robust yet lightweight materials, these levellers are engineered to last. 


Awnings and Shade

Caravan awnings provide a versatile extended outdoor space allowing you to enjoy the beachside view without being in the intense sun or the unexpected drizzle of rain. With ample room for relaxation, socialising, or even setting up a makeshift kitchen, awnings extend the functional footprint of your caravan. Consider the Fiamma F45 for a wall-mounted awning option. This choice is immensely favoured among pop-top caravan enthusiasts, as it eliminates the need for additional wall-mounted hardware, ensuring an incredibly convenient and hassle-free setup process.

For those days when the beachside camping location gets windy and your awning starts shaking the Xtend Awning Tie Down Strap Kit provides an extra layer of security and confidence, ensuring your awning maintains its tension, even in gusty winds. Easily installable into the sail track at either end of your awning, and you're all set to enjoy worry-free relaxation. 

If you are not prepared to take on a large awning for your caravan it is a great idea to consider other shelter options including beach umbrellas or a gazebo shelter. The Life! Convertible Cabana shelter converts from a beach umbrella to a lightweight 1.95m cabana in seconds and with a UPF50+ fabric be assured you and your family are sheltered from the sun. Or for a smaller more portable shelter the BlackWolf Sombra Shelter offers a vast and open shade area perfect for entertaining outdoors.

If you are looking for an inflatable solution for quick and easy set up the Dometic Hub 2 Shelter is a good option!


Storage Solutions

We all know the struggles of getting bags and bags of sand into our gear after a slight gust of wind. Keeping your equipment and gear free of sand is easily done with the right storage equipment. Tightly sealed boxes like the Dometic 50L Storage Box or the Aussie Traveller 4WD boxes are both lockable, waterproof, and built to last in tough conditions. 


Fire Pits & BBQs

There are several popular beachside camping locations that offer built in fire pits however some require you to bring your own. Fire pits and BBQs allow you to not only keep warm by the beach but can also double up as a cooking appliance or marshmallow roasting device. Foldable or collapsible options are great if you’re tight on space and want something portable and quick to set up. The Wildtrak Stainless Steel BBQ Fire Pit or the Front Runner BBQ Fire Pit has a stable base for grilling and packs down to a flat design. Additionally if you are carry gas a portable BBQ like the Dometic Cadac Safari offers the option to cook if it is windy with the removable windshield as well as a number of cooking surfaces such as a pot stand or grill plate.


Tyre Deflators & Recovery Gear

4WD tyre inflators and deflators are indispensable tools for beach driving enthusiasts. When venturing onto sandy shores, achieving the right tire pressure is crucial for optimal traction and flotation on the loose terrain. Deflators allow for controlled air release, ensuring tyres grip the sand effectively without sinking or getting bogged down. For an all-in-one option the Bushranger Max Air Compressor bundle does the job and even comes with a tyre repair kit.

It is worth checking out our large range of 4WD recovery gear in case you get yourself into any trouble.


Portable Shower Systems

Portable shower systems are a game-changer when beachside camping, offering a refreshing oasis amidst the sun, sand, and sea. Their portability ensures you can set up your own private shower spot wherever you choose to camp along the coast. There are several portable shower options including 12V operation or gas. The Bushranger Portable Gas Hot Water Shower takes only a few minutes to setup and offering instant hot water from a water source of your choice.

If you're travelling in remote or busy locations with a 4WD a great addition to your setup is a 4WD shower tent awning to provide privacy when showering or getting change. Speaking of 4WD awnings The Aussie Traveller 4WD Awning offers that extra source of shade with it's 270° design and included front shade wall. It is easy to install onto your roof racks and the rivet-free awning frame gives it that extra strength while tracking off-road.

If you have awnings with smaller poles sometimes it can be difficult to keep them still and stable. This is where the NOMAD sand and mud bases come in. Place them under the base of the pole legs and secure them with the adjustable black ropes ideal for when it is particularly windy.


We could go on and on about the amazing camping and caravanning gear we have that would make your beachside camping trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The most important step before getting the right gear is finding the perfect beachside location. For more information on our highly recommend campsite locations including a number of beach camping spots, read our full guide here.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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