Caravan and Camping Equipment To Add To Your 2024 Setup

Caravan and Camping Equipment To Add To Your 2024 Setup

Whether you are a seasoned camper or about to dabble into the world of caravanning, staying ahead of the latest trends and innovations is a must. With the ever increasing popularity of caravanning and outdoor adventures in Australia, 2024 is set to be another cracking year with innovative and essential products to get you ready for the road. 

That is why we have compiled the ultimate list of caravan and camping equipment to look out for in 2024. From power needs to water filtration, this list will keep you up to date and ready for an unforgettable and comfortable outdoor experience.

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From what started as a small project at an American University and the aid of the Louisianna Business and Technology Centre. Renogy is poised to make a lasting impact, not only on the caravan and RV market but on the world itself, with its innovative renewable energy solutions. From lithium batteries, their charging systems and solar panels, Renogy are bound to have something perfect for your off grid camping and caravanning needs. 

A game changer to keep an eye on is the Renogy DCC50S and DCC30S Dual Input DC to DC Battery Charger with MPPT. These little beauties will ensure your batteries are receiving the optimum power through your alternator of your car while driving and your solar panels. Unlike some other brands that can only draw amps from the alternator or solar at one time. Renogy can do both, so there is no wasted energy on those long days of driving in the sun. You will arrive at camp fully charged and ready to go. Check out the full range of Renogy gear here. 


Kronings Camper Trolleys

The Kronings is set to be the number one must have for caravanners in 2024. No more arguing with the partner trying to direct you left or right, or having to replace a window in your caravan because you have dragged it up the side of the house reversing into the back shed. The Kronings Camper Trolleys are the ultimate solution in caravan movers. They are an electric wireless caravan mover, available in 3 sizes to suit vans or any trailers from under 1500kg up to a whopping 4500kg. With a remote control you can comfortably stand back from your caravan's hitch point and easily see the back end of your van to maneuver and park your van anywhere you please. With a strong rubber track the Kronings Camper Trolley can be used on grass, gravel, stones and concrete. This piece of caravan and camping equipment is the perfect marriage saving product for 2024.


Dometic FreshJet 7 Series 

Off-grid camping is becoming increasingly popular with many people choosing to take the comfort of cool air on the road with them. The Dometic FreshJet has been designed for this exact market. With increased energy efficiency and overall improved drawdown temperature times to the older range, it is the perfect solution for air conditioning off the beaten track. If you have a solid and reliable battery and solar system the Dometic FreshJet will be on your top 3 lists of upgrades for 2024 to keep all the family cool no matter where you are. 


Dometic NRXC Upright Fridges

Dometic are leading the pack when it comes to innovative and energy efficient products for the caravan and camping market. The upcoming release of the Dometic NRXC fridges sees an overall improvement in energy efficiency with up to 9% improvement across the range compared to the CRX. The new range also weighs less, which is important when trying to keep that overall weight down on the road. With a new sleek design the new Dometic NRXC is set to be a must have camping equipment product for 2024.


Lifesaver Water Purification 

Really want to push your off-grid limits in 2024? Challenge yourself to head out into the wilderness and live off the land for your next adventure. Check out LifeSavers range of water purification systems. From hand held drink bottles to filtering jerrycan loads of water you can be rest assured you will be drinking clean water wherever you go. The LifeSaver Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Pack is a great choice for you to take away with you, while also doubling as a great product to have at home in case of an emergency if clean water is not available. The robust water filter is an essential piece of camping equipment and is capable of filtering 60,000 litres of water, meaning even in the most remote locations of Australia where water is scarce or not clean, the Life Saver will keep you healthy and hydrated 


Xtend BBQ Porch

Most caravaners will understand the importance of your caravan awning and how much space it will provide to your outdoor living area, especially in this beautiful Australian climate. Xtend have designed a porch to give even more precious shade and protection to your outdoor area. With the use of the Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit the Xtend BBQ Porch provides an extension of your existing awning. Ideal addition for camping equipment such as a slide out kitchen or portable BBQ, no matter how bad or great the weather is. The Xtend BBQ porch is a hot accessory for 2024. 


TAG Towbars and Accessories 

Looking for a reliable and local tow bar for your tow vehicle, then check out the TAG Towbar range. Designed and manufactured in Brisbane, TAG have over 90% of the vehicles in Australia covered with a tow bar option. From your large RAM trucks down to your RAV4, the TAG range of towbars are built tough and ready to support your towing needs. Best of all with their sleek black powder coated finish you can feel confident your new TAG Towbar will look great as well. 


Power Packs

With the world expanding on the love of lithium batteries, companies are designing and releasing state of the art power packs ready to suit any camper, caravanner or even in your home. From small overnight power packs to full house backup power stations there is a huge range of battery power packs available. The most obvious difference between a standard lithium battery and power pack is the ability to just plug and play. With built-in outlets for 240V appliances, USB ports and cigarette sockets, the power packs are ready to use and easy to charge. Options to charge from your house before you set off, your car as you travel or solar panels when set up makes it the number one choice for power on the go. 

Brands such as Bluetti, EcoFlow, Maxwatt and Goal Zero are leaders of the pack in supplying quality power packs with a range of sizes. You can take your Cpap machine away, power your laptop and camera chargers and even boil the billy with some packs. You can head away knowing you can take your appliances from home and be self-sufficient at the same time. These power packs are also great to use for house backup in storm seasons. Keep your fridge running, your phones charged and lights on next thunderstorm, a must have piece of camping equipment if I do say myself. 


Survival First Aid Kits 

Now you have all your modcons with you and you are ready to head off the beaten track, the most important item to have with you is a first aid kit. Survival is a brand that has thought outside the box and supplied a range of kits to suit every one. From hiking kits and marine kits to family and even pet kits, Survival has you covered for all occasions at an affordable price. We have bundled some great deals together so you don’t have to think about what you need. The SURVIVAL Home and Car First Aid Bundle is a great starter, it contains 1 for the home/caravan and 2x for the cars with 2x Smart Snake bite kits and handy emergency first aid book. Don’t ri  sk heading into the outback without your Survival First Aid Kit.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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Lighter vans

90% of caravans made in Australia have off-road chassis or heavy steel constructed Thankfully essential caravans have put out a lighter van built on a European type chassis Small yes at 14’ but tare weight 1140kg Weekender it’s called We don’t go off-road and tow a 3 tonne loaded monster Our next tow vehicle will be a 2.5 ltr hybrid Sub gross 1600 kgs is our next van All the crap about vans crumbling is garbage We’ve just travelled from Melbourne along the Kidman way to Karumba and across to the coast Apart from a few spots roads were really good We don’t want dirt. Correlations etc There’s more than enough made roads in Auss to explore I’m hoping this trend of lighter vans snowballs Just saying
By: Brian on Response
Hi Brian, we do like to build things tough in Australia and rightly so as there is some rugged terrain out there to explore. If this isn't your thing, then it is great caravan manufacturers are covering the market of sealed road drivers. Have fun caravanning


When and where are these items on the market
By: Keith Joseph on Response
Hi Keith, Feel free to click on any of the links in the blog (in green) to take a look at these new products on the market. If you have any further questions about these products feel free to give us a call on 1800 787 278.

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