Evakool KoolMate

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Evakool KoolMate Camping fridge

The latest in refrigeration from Evakool, the KoolMate fridge freezer, has just been released in Australia and is already for sale on Caravan RV Camping.

The requirements from the camping, 4wd and caravanning market has been taken into account before this latest portable fridge freezer was released.

Featuring a metal cabinet, 2 different sizes, handles doubling as easy tie down points, out of the box operation on both 12 and 24 Volt DC power sources, automatic low battery protection to help look after your batteries and even automatic reverse polarity protection.

The 55 Litre model comes with 2 zones with an adjustable vent between the zones for added flexibility and the larger 80 Litre unit coming as a single zone, maximising the internal space this unit offers.

We are currently able to offer these units on a fantastic special with an included protective cover and the optional external power adapter for using the unit away from DC power, perfect when you need more fridge or freezer space at home.

Grab this deal while stock and the special pricing lasts, let CRVC sort out your camping fridge needs.

With the Evakool KoolMate portable fridge/freezer range you can easily afford a quality portable fridge for your camping, caravanning, boating or four wheel driving experience without having to compromise on quality, performance or efficiency. Currently available in 2 sizes, the KoolMate range features a 55L and 80L model with metal cabinet that provides you with the basic necessities needed on your adventures so you won't be left with hot drinks or spoiled food. Operational on DC 12v/24 volt, you do have th eoption to use on AC 240v via an optional adaptor.


Evakool KoolMate 80 Litre Fridge/Freezer
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