Meet Camec – Your Go-To Brand for Caravan Parts

The value of a brand that deals in caravan parts is best judged by its reputation with motorhome owners. And as far as the most trusted and popular caravan parts manufacturers go, Camec Australia definitely rules the roost. Camec caravan parts can safely be labelled as the default fixtures in motorhomes across the length and breadth of Australia. And in recent years, they’ve been rapidly gaining traction in other parts of the world as well.

So what exactly makes them special? Specialised tech? A trade secret? A success mantra? Or just good fortune?

Any of these could very well be the reason. But the most prominent aspect that goes in their favour dates back to its origins. What we refer to as Camec Australia today, started out in the 60s as a caravan repair service in Melbourne. Known as the Classic Caravan Repair Centre, this facility was created to meet the growing demand for a niche business that could support and service the burgeoning caravanning industry. Over the next decade, the repair centre did well enough to expand its proffered services to a wholesale caravan parts dealership, finally resulting in the creation of the brand ‘Camec’, short for Caravan and Marine Equipment Company, in 1972.

Towards the last stretches of the 20th century, Camec witnessed a meteoric increase in both its industry presence and its popularity among motorhome owners. After acquiring a number of smaller caravan parts dealerships, the brand successfully secured its position as the leading manufacturer of caravan parts and accessories in Australia and New Zealand. Due to a high level of collaboration with suppliers and distributers, both local and international, Camec caravan parts soon covered everything from doors and windows, to shades and awnings, to electrical and gas systems, to plumbing and sanitation fit-outs, to furniture and hardware, to chassis and towing parts and accessories, to a host of appliances and gadgets custom built for motorhomes.

Characterised by a high degree of sophistication, reliability and durability. Which is no surprise, going by the brand’s roots and core principles. Over the course of an industry presence of over half a century, Camec Australia has proven without doubt that the integrity of a caravan parts manufacturer is closely linked with its awareness of the specific needs and characteristics of the caravanning industry. In simple terms, Camec Australia understands caravanning, with all its dependencies on weather, terrain and logistics. It thus caters in equal measure to existing and new motorhome owners. Existing users can safely rely on the build and service quality of Camec caravan parts. Those new to caravanning can expect Camec to supply everything they might need to start out with furnishing and outfitting their very first motorhomes. Further, Camec’s commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and customer preferences in caravan parts and accessories, only indicates that the brand is here to stay, and will remain the go-to choice for motorhome owners in the foreseeable future.