Top 5 Must-Have Waeco Accessories

Many first-time campers mistakenly believe that a caravan is all that they’ll need to enjoy themselves on caravanning adventures. Unfortunately, this train of thinking is not completely correct.

Although a caravan will provide a camper with easy transportation and shelter, the best camping experiences ultimately stem from being able to relax and enjoy oneself upon the trip, a task that is made much easier with the help of caravan and camping accessories.

Waeco, inventor of the first battery-operated refrigerator, is a renowned caravan accessory and appliance manufacturer specialising in mobile refrigeration, power, air conditioning, comfort, and safety accessories.

The following few paragraphs will be going over a few of the must-haves that have been included in the current Waeco accessories line.


5. Milenco Universal Thermal Blinds

Ultraviolet degradation has been declared “one of the biggest problems facing RV owners today”. These powerful rays are able to destroy everything in their path, ultimately wearing down fabrics, paints, and other important RV components. 

Despite being called “blinds”, Milenco’s Universal Thermal Blinds are more like an insulated shield, being thick enough to block out the effect of harsh UV rays while ultimately keeping your caravan in a better condition for a longer period of time.


4. Signal Commander

It’s not rare for certain areas of Australia to have lesser television picture quality and sound reception. If you’ve been having issues getting a crystal-clear picture in certain Australia’s residential neighborhoods, then Waeco’s Signal Commander can likely provide the boost that you’ve been looking for.


3. Seat Cooler

Every experienced caravan camper knows that even the most powerful air conditioning system will not be able to save you from sticking to your seat in the midst of sizzling Australian summers.

Waeco, however, has solved this Australian melting problem with the Magic Comfort MCS20 seat cooler. Connecting directly to a vehicle’s lighter socket via a 12-volt plug, the Magic Comfort features two convenient cooling settings, as well as a superior design with improved air circulation to keep your back and seat 100% sweat-free.


2. Milenco Power 900 Antenna

The Milenco Power 900 Antenna is a powerful, terrestrial, omnidirectional antenna providing improved TV and radio reception.

Featuring an integrated high gain, low-noise signal amplifier geared towards maintaining superior picture and sound, the Milenco Power 900 can easily be installed by any caravan owner, ultimately allowing them to say “hello” to non-stop music, drama, and sports. 

Although the Milenca isn’t for everyone, it’s perfect for families travelling with young children, or any camper embarking on a long off-the-grid adventure.


1. Perfect View 750X Video System

Don’t worry about getting nervous when reversing your caravan; any caravan camping connoisseur can tell you that you’re definitely not alone.

The Perfect View 750X Video System is a luxury reversing video system featuring an exceptional 337,000 pixel, 7” LCD monitor and colour camera. To make backing out just as easy at night as it is in the day, the Perfect View 750X additionally features integrated, infrared LED lights, as well as wide viewing capabilities.