Our Guide to Caravan Air Conditioning and the Jabiru All-in-One Air Conditioner

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have suffered in blisteringly hot heat during a long-distance camping adventure, then you already know the value of a quality caravan air conditioner.

If not, then consider yourself lucky.

The following few paragraphs, provided by Caravan RV Camping, will be going over caravan air conditioning, in general, and the Jabiru All-One Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner, in specific. 


Do I Need a Caravan Air Conditioner?

Caravan air conditioning seems to be one of those “better safe than sorry” type of situations.

No, caravan air conditioners are not usually a necessity. However, many people find the benefit of being able to cool down in hot temperatures extremely convenient.

Bear in mind, however, that when traveling with elderly individuals or small children (who are more prone to heat stroke and heat exhaustion), the importance of an air conditioner is greatly increased.

Please note that while some caravan campers encourage using a basic home air conditioner to cool their caravan, this is only recommended when the caravan will be 100% stationary (like parked at a caravan park, for example).

If you intend to be driving with a conditioner system installed, then a specialized caravan conditioner, specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of the road, is ultimately your best choice.


What is a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

The term “reverse cycle”, when speaking of air conditioners, refers to the system’s method of cooling.

Reverse cycle air conditioners use the concept of “heat exchange” to cool a caravan.

So, when you want to cool, the system moves the caravan’s warmth outside and when you want to heat, it then moves the heat from outside inside.

NOTE: Some colder regions may not have a high enough temperature for the system to adequately pull warmth from. This may be worth considering upon purchase depending on where you intend to travel with your caravan.


What is the Jabiru All-in-One Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

As its name suggests, the Jabiru All-in-One Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is a specialized caravan air conditioner that uses heat exchange technology to cool and heat an RV.

In particular, the Jabiru All-in-One Reverse Cycle is known for its incredible performance in combination with its extremely small size.

Designed to be hidden from view within a caravan or trailer cupboard, the Jabiru All-in-One Reverse Cycle is also remarkably versatile, being able to cool, heat and dehumidify, all from one compact system.


Jabiru All-in-One Features

  • Small design allows it to be hidden from view within RV cupboards
  • A straightforward LED control panel to program desired temperatures
  • Easy-to-use hand-held remote with a sleep timer and dehumidifying options
  • Incredibly efficient with a nominal heating and cooling capacity of 2.2KW
  • Cooling options additionally include useful electronic defrost settings



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