Fiamma Bike Racks

A Beginner’s Guide to Fiamma Bike Rack Models


Some people are natural cyclists.  

Pumping legs, wind blowing through their hair, and an immense feeling of freedom are aspects often listed when you ask a cyclist about the benefits of the sport.

A less enjoyable aspect of biking, however, is transporting your bike along during caravan camping trips.

It’s not rare to smudge vehicles with grease and grime from the bike’s tires and chain, while its awkward design is difficult to carry along easily.

While these issues can certainly act as a deterrent to bringing a bike with you on a long adventure, they can also quickly be solved with the purchase of a quality bike rack.

Bike racks are designed to be mounted on either the rear wall or A-frame of your caravan, allowing you to simply place your bike within its walls and to travel wherever you may like.


The Fiamma Brand

Fiamma is a leader within the caravanning industry, having worked over 60 years to attain their reputable brand name and unmatched market reputation.

They are known for manufacturing premium bike racks and covers, in particular.

Fiamma bike racks can generally be organized into two broad categories:

  • A-Frame Mounted Racks
  • Rear Wall-Mounted Racks


A-Frame Mounted Racks

As their name suggests, A-Frame mounted racks are designed to be mounted onto the A-Frame of your caravan or RV.

Fiamma’s newest A-Frame mounted rack additions include the Carry-Bike XLA Pro and the Carry-Bike XLA Pro 200.

These two models are “new and improved” versions of Fiamma’s ancestral XLA Carry-Bike line.

One of the biggest additions to the Carry-Bile XLA Pro and XLA Pro 200 is the integration of a forward-pivoting ability which allows for entry into a caravan’s storage area without having to completely remove the bike from the rack, an ability not available with the ancestral XLA Carry-Bike line.


Rear Wall-Mounted Bike Racks

When it comes to rear wall-mounted bike racks, Fiamma’s selection is vast and designed to be compatible with a variety of different vehicle and RV models. 


Examples include:

For caravans with a rear window, Caravan RV Camping suggests the Carry-Bike Pro C, a highly flexible model praised for its resilience and user flexibility.

The Pro C is great for campers looking to carry a number of bikes, such as a large family.

It allows for the placement of additional bike-stops and rails, ultimately allowing you to bring as many bikes on the road as you need.


NOTE:  Bike racks are great for transportation, but do not protect your bicycle from the wear and tear of the road. To keep your bike in pristine condition, Caravan RV Camping also recommends using Fiamma’s associated Premium, Grey, and Caravan bicycle covers. 



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.