4 Often Neglected But Highly Useful Camper Trailer Accessories

There are conflicting views on the camper trailer parts that qualify as ‘essentials’, and those that are optional or recreational. While caravan accessories along the lines of camper trailer water tanks and weight distribution hitches are universally accepted as indispensable, there are several products and components that fall into a grey area. You can technically do without them, but using them will significantly improve your camping experience. Of course, everything from a portable washing machine to folding furniture can fall within this category, but in this article we’ll be focusing on some of the lesser-known camper trailer accessories that you should seriously consider buying.

1. Hydraulic Trail-A-Mate Jack and Jockey Wheel

The standard process of hitching a camper trailer to a towing vehicle involves using a manual jack with a wind-up crank for height adjustment. And sure, it does the job. But is all the manual winding (with a bent back) really worth the trouble? Hydraulilc jockey wheels are a huge improvement over their manual counterparts, raising or lowering your trailer to the requisite hitching height at the push of a button. Invest in one for a hassle-free and effortless hitching process.

2. Annex Floor Mat

These seemingly nondescript camper trailer accessories actually serves an important function – keeping the interior of your camper trailer clean. Annex flooring comes in a variety of sizes to suit any length RV. These efficient sand-free mats allow the sand to fall through, keeping the top surface clean. Camping mats essentially reduce your cleaning time and effort, saving time that you can spend engaging in more enjoyable activities.

3. Camper Trailer Covers

Many motor home users neglect to buy adequate protection for their trailers. These can range from weatherproof covers to heavy duty locks. Camper trailer covers are highly useful in shielding camper trailers from dust, scratches, water damage and even mould and mildew. They also increase the lifespan of your curtains and soft furnishings, by preventing fading and damage due to UV rays. Good quality camper trailer covers are usually easy to install and remove, and are a great option for when a garage is not available. 

4. Tow Ball Weight Scale 

Know your tow ball weight to help ensure a safe and swayless towing experience. A good rule of thumb is to have 10% of the total weight of your fully loaded camper trailer on your towball. 

So while you’re out shopping for camper trailer hoses, air conditioners and other caravan accessories, take a moment to browse through some of these ‘often neglected’ camper trailer accessories that can add a whole new level of convenience to your camping experience. 


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.