An All-New Look at the Caravan Awning

Half the fun of caravanning involves regaining contact with nature, which means that your mobile home setup should allow you to spend as much time as possible in the open.

A good awning can either make or break your caravanning experience depending on the weather conditions, and if you don't have an awning already, consider the advantages of covering the area just outside your caravan or RV allowing you to experience your surroundings with a little bit more comfort. 

Except that this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Spending time outside your caravan or trailer is automatically accompanied by concerns such as safety, insect bites and unfriendly weather. Recent developments in the designs of awnings have thus attempted to eliminate these concerns as much as possible. The latest manifestation of this endeavour is the privacy room or awning extension kit supplied by Coast to Coast RV. This product allows you to attach ‘walls’ to an already installed awning. The panels are made out of durable and washable polyester, and come with inbuilt ‘doors’ on all sides. When closed, the setup creates a secondary room right outside your caravan or RV, giving you complete privacy and weather protection, in addition to all the extra space of course. What’s more, some of these Coast RV privacy rooms are also fitted with flyscreens to keep insects at bay.

Privacy Screens for Caravan Awnings

If you don't think you will need a fully enclosed annex attached to your awning, you should consider a shaded privacy screen that attaches to your awning and is secured to the ground with pegs. These screens kind of semi enclose your awning while still allowing a nice breeze and extra shade on those hot summer days. 

Once you have an awning and privacy screen of your preferred variety in place, you can move on to purchasing other accessories that can add to the functionality of your newly created ‘patio’. These can include everything from sand free awning mats, to folding furniture, to lights and speaker systems, to fold-out picnic tables that you can affix to the exterior of your caravan and use as a secondary dining table. Coast to Coast RV offers a huge collection of camping accessories that you can use to mould your outdoor area to your liking.

Say hello to full-flavoured camping this season by experiencing the outdoors in all its splendour. Get your awnings and privacy screens from Coast RV, and create an outdoorsy extension to your caravan.