3 Solar Power Myths Busted Ready for Your Next Adventure

There would be nothing worse than getting to your first destination and realising you either a) didn’t get a chance to purchase more batteries, b) forgot to charge up your devices or c) you didn’t pack your generator. Solar power devices for caravans (big and small) have been answering to all of these scenarios for a few years now but there still seems to be some resistance to getting kitted out. There are a few myths floating about that we thought it was time to debunk so you can get on the road quicker next time and have one less thing to think about as you set off into the horizon.

  1. It’s too Expensive

Yes, when solar energy first came about, installing solar power devices could set you back a few pay checks. But with technology advancing faster than ever before we have seen prices drop drastically. In fact, global market prices for solar PV have dropped by 75% in the last four years and 45% in the last 12 months alone according to the Clean Energy Council. This combined with more choices on suppliers, the power is well and truly with the people. Even with the initial outlay, you must keep in mind that you will save money in the long run with an efficient solar power system for your home on wheels.

  1. Solar Power Equals Less Luxuries

Just because you are going green with your caravanning energy doesn’t mean you will have to cut back on the little luxuries you like to indulge in on the road. While this a popular misconception, there are some considerations you should think about to make sure you’re not left in the dark on the side of the road. If you do tend to use a fair bit of power, ensure you mention this to your solar installer. They will be able to show you what size systems you should install as well as discussing back-up generator options. When installing Solar Energy in your caravan you will still be able to rely on enough power to get you through your trip as long as you are aware of your systems specific capabilities.

  1. Solar Power is Useless Without the Sun

This myth has well and truly been busted, especially for us living here in Australia. While solar power does come from the sun it doesn’t come from the heat of the sun entirely. It also comes from the light (UV rays). So, even in overcast conditions you will still receive optimal solar power generation opportunity.

If you didn’t need too much more convincing we're sure you’re feeling much more confident about getting solar equipped after this myth busters session. Solar energy systems are getting more sophisticated and while there may still be some myths floating surrounding their abilities there is no doubt that their place in the caravan world has been well and truly earnt.  


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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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