Should You Invest in a Wheel Clamp for Your Caravan's Security?

Caravan owners around the world are actively engaged in discussions about effective security measures for their mobile homes. And such discussions are necessary, given the rapid increase in the number of caravan thefts in Australia in recent years, despite innovations in protective gear for caravans.

A $200 investment in caravan security – too much?

Given the dent your new caravan has made in your pocket, coupled with the cost of all its appliances and accessories, a $200 wheel clamp doesn’t sound like a very big add-on, does it? Further, this $200 investment is aimed at keeping the rest of your caravan ensemble safe, which makes it all the more important. It is of course tempting to let go of as many additional expenses as possible, but an investment that reinforces your caravan’s security should definitely not feature among these.

Also, it isn’t just caravan theft that you should be worrying about.

A number of insurance companies in Australia insist on the wheel clamps being fitted to a caravan, in order to provide an insurance cover against theft. In the unfortunate instance of a caravan theft, you wouldn’t want to deal with the additional trauma of finding out that your insurance policy doesn’t cover your loss. Even insurance companies that don’t make wheel clamps mandatory, usually offer lower premiums for caravans that have them. As such, you might want to read your policy documents carefully, and purchase wheel clamps for your caravan if needed.

Physical versus digital security:

Modern caravans are fitted with a host of sophisticated security features, and yet, when it comes to actually preventing theft, these features usually prove ineffective. Security camera footage (if it manages to get synced with your server in time) might help you track the culprits down, but by the time you manage to regain access to your caravan (if you’re that lucky!) you’ll probably have lost most of your valuable possessions. Similarly, burglar alarms are ineffective if someone tries to nick the entire caravan while you’re away on a hike. When it comes to caravan theft, aiming for prevention is always wiser than prepping for post-theft action. Security equipment such as wheel clamps and hitch locks are very real, physical deterrents for prospective thieves, sending out clear signs that ‘this caravan isn’t worth the effort’.

Will a wheel clamp always prevent theft?

No. Just like all door locks won’t prevent break-ins. Like every other variety of security equipment, wheel clamps come in various designs and builds, some of which will provide greater strength and reliability than others. The key is to invest in caravan wheel clamps that actually last, and can withstand attempted foul play. A number of caravan owners prefer to purchase cheaper variants that just get them to comply with their caravan insurance policy requirements. However, the idea behind getting wheel clamps is to avoid losses running into tens of thousands. And as such, a good quality, heavy duty $200 clamp is a clear winner over a basic $50 alternative.

Owning a caravan is great fun. Don’t let an unfortunate theft deprive you of it! Especially when a few hundred dollars is all that is needed to keep it safe. Invest in durable, brightly coloured wheel clamps from a reliable manufacturer, and couple them corner steadies, door locks and a good quality hitch lock. In addition to this, always remember to maintain a detailed record of all your caravan parts, accessories, appliances and interior fittings, so you can track them down just in case a theft does happen.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.