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Why should you choose an Evakool?
Author: Paul     Date Posted: 25 October 2017
How to Measure Your Caravan So You Buy the Right Caravan Cover Size
Author: Paul Napthali     Date Posted: 26 September 2017

When it comes to buying caravan accessories, choosing which size caravan cover to purchase can get pretty confusing. Here's a a guide to measuring your caravan to make sure you purchase the right size the first time.... read more

Why Folding Bikes Solve Your Bike Rack Problems
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 12 July 2017
Keeping Warm This Winter
Author: Renee Napthali     Date Posted: 1 June 2017

Food is one of the easiest ways to raise your body temperature while camping in cold environments. Food is also very important because insulating products are designed to keep heat in, not create it. Therefore, even a good sleeping bag will have...... read more

Understanding the Difference between Sunscreens, Awnings and Annexes
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 27 April 2017

Adding a little ‘yard’ space to your home-on-wheels is always a tempting thought. ... read more

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 21 April 2017

A geological marvel, a sacred Aboriginal site, and above all, a one-of-a-kind Outback destination, Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is located about a hundred kilometres south of Northern Territory’s Tennant Creek, amid miles and miles of nothingness. ... read more

What's the Difference between a Compressor and 3 Way Refrigerator
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 18 April 2017
Why You Should Get Both Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 13 April 2017

Outfitting your new caravan with the full range of accessories and appliances is an exciting – though exhausting – exercise. But more often than not, budget constraints stop us in our tracks, and leave at least a few items unchecked on our caravan accesso... read more

5 Useful Websites for Camping Recipes
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 5 April 2017
How to Get the Most out of your Solar Power
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 2 April 2017

Opting for solar energy to power your caravan is a wise choice indeed. In doing so, you’re not only choosing to be environment friendly, but also creating a self-reliant power setup for your caravan. ... read more

What's the Difference Between Popular Weight Distribution Hitches?
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 1 April 2017

A weight distribution hitch evenly distributes the weight of your caravan to the front and rear axles of your car, thus making it easier and safer to manoeuvre. ... read more

How to Measure Your Caravan's Tow Ball Weight
Author: Gracie Quinn     Date Posted: 31 March 2017

Correctly measuring your caravan’s ball weight is your first step to a great caravanning holiday.... read more

How to Reseal Your Hatch in Your Caravan
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 9 March 2017

Here’s a quick guide on how to reseal your hatch in your caravan, so you don’t have to put up with unwanted water damage.... read more

5 Sentimental Things You Can Collect on Every Trip
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 6 March 2017

When you're out on the road and you step foot into another quaint gift shop, here are some suggestions on what little treasures are a good sentiment to help kicking your memory back into gear for years to come.... read more

10 Reasons Why Meditating Will Make You Happier
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 4 March 2017

There seems to be a new-found fixation in the age-old practice of meditation.... read more

5 Meditation Apps That Will Help You Find Zen on Your Trip
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 27 February 2017

Find some mindfulness on your next trip away as you step out into nature with these helpful meditation apps.... read more

5 Items of Clothing You Shouldn't Leave Home Without
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 25 February 2017

If you tend to get nervous about prepping for your road trips, you’re not alone. Packing can be a complicated process, and there’s always so many accessories to be taken along on even the shortest of caravanning getaways.... read more

How to Install Your New Caravan Antenna
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 22 February 2017

So you’ve decided to take all your favourite TV shows along on your caravanning holidays. But what you've just realised is that you won't only need a TV for your caravan, you will also need a specifically designed caravan antenna. ... read more

Why You Should Pack a Colouring Book for Your Next Trip
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 21 February 2017

Holidays bring with them opportunities for some much-needed relaxation. This time around, as you prepare for your next caravanning holiday, make sure you’re packing everything you need for complete, all-round relaxation. ... read more

Understanding Different Road Rules in Different States
Author: Tahlia Maynard     Date Posted: 19 February 2017

For people new to Australia, and even for those of us who are new to the caravanning scene, the prospect of memorising road rules state by state, can be a little intimidating.... read more