Caravan Service Hatches

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Caravan Access Hatch


Access Hatches provide exactly that - Access. As caravans and RVs evolve, so too does the amount of stuff people like to carry with them.


If you’re struggling for space consider taking advantage of empty floor, ceiling and wall space inside your RV, and install an interior access hatch into them to take advantage of those empty spaces for more storage. Similarly, if you’re having trouble accessing existing storage nooks, try creating and using a lockable access hatch or door from the outside of your RV into those hidden inside spaces.

  • Access Hatch
  • Service Door
  • Inspect Hatch


Some Of Our Best Sellers


Access door, 1000 x 305 mm


Coast Door 4 - White 566 X 631 (M500-130)


Coast Access Door 6 - White 228 x 593mm (M500-150)