The Importance of a Caravan Cover

Bad Reputation

The first caravan covers to be sold were ineffective products, trapping moisture around RVs while scratching and damaging the vehicle upon their placement and removal. Luckily, the past 20 years have seen the quality of caravan covers greatly improve.

NOTE: With caravan covers, you often “get what you pay for” in terms of quality. Therefore, it is important to not be too enticed by a cover with a surprisingly small price tag. These covers are often manufactured using low-quality fabrics which are extremely susceptible to wear and tear.

Why Use A Caravan Cover?

Although some campers will claim that a caravan cover is not necessary, caravan covers are undoubtedly one of the best ways to protect an RV. Compared to smaller vehicles like cars and trucks, caravans spend the majority of the time outside, being much too bulky to be stored in most garages.

Because of this large amount of time outside, caravans are extremely vulnerable to everything from tree sap, dirt, and mud; but the worst, however, are harmful UV rays, said to “destroy” everything in their path. Morgan Ein, managing partner at ADCO, has actually declared UV degradation as “one of the biggest problems facing RV owners today”.

While an RV’s paint job can seem like only an aesthetic addition, a caravan’s paint acts as a protective layer for many of the RV’s metal and plastic pieces. Lane Wilkinson of Classic Accessories explains, “If an RV’s paint is not protected, the components underneath will eventually be exposed and begin to show signs of damage.”

In short, a caravan cover will keep your caravan cleaner for longer while also greatly preserving the resale value of your vehicle.

ADCO Products

ADCO Products is one of the most popular caravan cover manufacturers. Founded in 1955, ADCO Products is a fourth generation family-owned sewing business known for their high-quality protective covers and assorted soft goods. Since their foundation over 60 years ago, ADCO has proudly distributed more than 20 million products to an impressive array of satisfied customers. Each and every ADCO product is additionally backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty. As a testament to their caravan cover mastery, ADCO is known as the inventors of the Universal RV Cover.

ADCO Covers

ADCO Covers are designed to protect caravans from both intense cold and heat. Each of ADCO’s covers is manufactured using high-quality DuPont Tyvek fabric, an extremely resilient and light-weight material created by spun bonding olefin sheet products.

Although Tyvek is most often recognized as the material used to house wrap homes during construction, its durable and lightweight nature has given rise to a variety of new uses. ADCO caravan covers showcase a number of attractive features, such as vents to release moisture and air, straps to secure on the caravans bottom, rear and front, as well as zippered panels, reinforced corners, and an attractive, modern aesthetic.

Caravan RV Camping is currently one of the most popular ADCO distributors in Australia with a collection featuring nearly every ADCO caravan cover currently available.