The Trail-A-Mate Mark II: An Extra-Strength Hydraulic Jack

The Trail-A-Mate Mark II: An Extra-Strength Hydraulic Jack

Along your RV travels, it’s not rare to have difficulties raising or accurately positioning your caravan. Even the most experienced caravan campers have found themselves in difficult predicaments, ultimately requiring the help of handy accessories, such as wheel jockeys and jacks.

For an affordable price, Trail-A-Mate products act as both a jack and a wheel jockey, allowing campers to easily accomplish routine maintenance and moving tasks, such as:

  • Changing tires
  • Accurately placing the RV
  • Raising the caravan or trailer for nipple or suspension work
  • Raising the RV for hitching,

All the while, eliminating the need to bring numerous, hefty, tools along with them on their travels.

Trail-A-Mate’s Focus on Safety

One advantage of purchasing a Trail-A-Mate product is knowing that you are getting the highest level of security available.The Trail-A-Mate Company actually worked alongside the Australian Government in the years leading up to 2007 in order to help them develop the nation’s Mandatory Safety Standard for Caravan and Trailer Jacks.

Each and every one of Trail-A-Mate’s high-quality jacks has been specifically engineered to be as effective as possible, all the while remaining faithful to the standards of safety they have worked to create.

Trail-A-Mate Mark II versus the Hydraulic Jockey Wheel & Jack

Firstly, Trail-A-Mate as a brand has been highly praised for its high-quality, resilient products displaying high-performance abilities and versatile methods of use. In fact, Trail-A-Mate products are actually used by the Australian Defense Force for transporting and accurately positioning important, awkwardly shaped items, such as telescopes. In general, the main difference between the Trail-A-Mate Mark II and the Hydraulic Jockey Wheel & Jack is the size of the caravan they are to be used with.

Although the Trail-A-Mate Jockey Wheel & Jack boast an impressive working load limit of 1,000kg (1 ton), the Mark II was engineered for heftier RVs (such as caravans, horse floats, trailers and motor homes), and has a an extremely powerful working load limit of 1,500kg.

A second difference comes in terms of added expenses.

The Trail-A-Mate Mark II is not compatible with the standard 50mm clamp located on most caravan A-frames. In order to take advantage of its ability to be used as a jockey stand, a separate 60 mm clamp must be purchased, an add-on that is not required with the basic model.

Trail-A-Mate Mark II Specifications

In regards to exact dimensions and specifications, the Trail-A-Mate Mark II is advertised as follows:

  • Lifting capacity of 1,500kg
  • Working load limit of 1,500kg
  • Maximum aggregated trailer mass (ATM) of 3,500kg
  • Minimum height of 145mm
  • Maximum height of 780mm
  • Maximum lifting range of 380mm

Trail-A-Mate Mark II Safety Tips

  • You should always be using your jack on level, firm surfaces
  • Never allow campers to remain in your caravan while raising it
  • Read the entire instruction guide prior to first use

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