Why ADCO Covers are the Best

Why ADCO Covers are the Best

Buying a quality caravan cover is a great way to protect your RV from various types of damage encountered on the road.

Caravan covers became popular in the mid-1990s when various manufacturers began to discover light-weight, budget-friendly, and breathable, waterproof materials. These materials, unlike the previous versions, were strong enough to protect caravans from damage, while still being gentle enough to avoid scraping and chipping the vehicle’s paint.

Nowadays, caravan covers remain an extremely easy way of protecting your RV from damage, all the while also acting as a minor theft deterrent, assuming that “out of sight means out of mind”.

With such a large variety of caravan covers on the market, it can be difficult for buyers to figure out the best selection for them. Caravan RV Camping, with over 50 years of experience in the in caravan camping industry, always recommend ADCO caravan covers as their brand of choice.

The following paragraphs will tell you why.

The ADCO Reputation

ADCO Products is a self-described “fourth-generation family-owned sewing company” founded in 1955. Since its foundation, ADCO has consistently delivered quality caravan protective covers (in addition to a variety of other assorted soft goods), ultimately earning themselves the status of Australia’s top caravan cover manufacturer.

Most recently, ADCO was awarded the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards from Motorhome magazine, as well as Trailer Life magazine, further solidifying their place in the industry and demonstrating a long-term capability of conducting superior business. Lastly, ADCO also stands behind their products, offering a comprehensive 3-year warranty for each and every one of their quality caravan protective covers.

Size Selection Made Easy

One of the best features offered by ADCO is that their size selection is made extremely easy to eliminate the chances of accidentally purchasing the wrong size.

While measurements are always needed to get a great fit, each of ADCO’s covers is designed to cover all standard height and width specifications. So, instead of having to measure everything, you just need to know your caravan’s length. Simply grabbing a measuring tape, taking down your caravan’s length, and exploring the options offered by ADCO guarantees a perfect fit every time.

Superior-Quality Materials and Construction

When it comes to caravan protective covers, there’s no doubt that you get what you pay for. Lower quality materials ensure decreased resilience and a shorter product lifespan in the long run. Although lower prices may seem attractive, you will ultimately end up spending more by continually having to replace your cover every few seasons.

ADCO’s caravan covers, however, are engineered with durable polypropylene top and side panels (composed of four, breathable, Dupont Tyvek layers) and coupled with reinforced corners, mold-preventing air vents, and zippered doors (for easy caravan access).

As mentioned, because ADCO is fully confident in the quality of their caravan covers, each ADCO caravan cover is protected under a comprehensive, 3-year warranty. This means that you can have peace of mind in knowing that your cover was built to last. To explore ADCO’s collection of caravan protective covers, please click here.