Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch

Meet the Pro Series Hitch


Camping road trips have caught on as a popular vacation activity throughout the world in recent years. And like with every other popular pursuit, a host of camping related products and services have hit the market. Innumerable choices present themselves to the average motor home owner, even while shopping for the simplest of caravan or RV accessories. While it is certainly nice to be spoilt for choice, too many options can make the selection process long and cumbersome. In such a situation, an established brand that characterises in selling high quality motor home accessories, is usually the buyer’s best bet. When it comes to a reliable weight distribution hitch for camper trailers, for instance, this WDH product range rules the roost.


Intelligent Design


Every Pro Series Hitch is designed with a distinct set of attributes that tune it for the task at hand – distributing the weight of a trailer uniformly along the front and rear axles of the towing vehicle, thus keeping the latter horizontal and safer to drive. A towing hitch from this premium brand will have four components packaged into one. These include the hitch receiver, the weight distribution kit, the hitch ball and the sway control. Together, these optimise towing, vehicle performance, steering and braking control, as well as sway reduction. Further, Pro Series hitches are supplied calibrated for specific trailer weights, ranging from 550lbs to 1200lbs, and are as such precisely assembled to cater to their rated loads.


Build Quality


Every component of a Pro Series is sourced from superior quality bar stock that is specially formulated for the purpose and duly inspected for strength and integrity. The components themselves are manufactured through sophisticated processes including thermal induction heating, hot rolling and heat treatment for achieving the desired chemical compositions. They are also subjected to thorough flexibility and hardness tests to ensure that the resultant towing hitch can handle every task that it is likely to meet over the course of its lifespan. Consequently, a Pro Series Hitch is usually a one-time investment, and comes with a 10-year warranty on its superior build quality.


Ease of Use


An important characteristic of every Pro Series Hitch is the effort put into making it user-friendly. Not only can these hitches be easily installed by the average user, they also feature convenient snap-up brackets that allow the user to adjust the spring bar tension through the simple act of changing the support chain links. Moreover, all Pro Series towing hitches can be left attached to the trailer, allowing the towing vehicle to be affixed and removed as and when required.


Thanks to a market presence that spans over 60 years, Pro Series offers products that have evolved with the camping industry itself. As such, a Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch gets your towing setup to just the right balance of simplicity, sophistication and reliability. And with the added advantage of pocket-friendly pricing thrown into the mix, you really needn’t look any further for your next weight distribution hitch.

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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.