Do I Need a Caravan Cover?

A caravan cover is a great way to protect your caravan from wear and tear off the road and to preserve its exterior componentry and longevity of the RV itself and most importantly the resale value of your pride and joy.

Although first-generation caravan covers got a bad reputation for, only having a life expectancy of 12 months then becoming brittle and un-usable the current varieties have improved substantially. 
If you're debating purchasing a caravan cover but aren't quite sure what they're all about, then read on.

Do I Need a Caravan Cover?

  • Although caravan covers aren't technically necessary, using one is highly recommended by experienced camping connoisseurs. A caravan cover is an easy way to protect your caravan from a variety of dirt, mildew, mould and damage which would otherwise directly affect the RV's paint and exterior components.

  • Things such as tree sap, insects, acid rain, bird droppings and harmful UV rays all have the potential to do serious damage to a caravan, ultimately negatively impacting its resale value and ruining the external aesthetics.

  • Most people who are against using a caravan cover have unfortunately had negative experiences with low-quality varieties. However, it's quite easy to avoid buying a low-quality cover if you have an idea of what to look for. 


Will a Caravan Cover Scratch My Windows?
While most caravan covers are specifically designed to protect caravans, plastic and acrylic windows can be scratched if the cover is not properly fitted.  To reduce the chances of this occurring, always be sure to accurately measure the length of your caravan during sizing and upon fitment of the cover be sure to read the installation instructions or get a brief overview from your supplier to avoid any unsuitable installations of the cover.  

Are Caravan Covers Waterproof?
Most caravn covers are not fully waterproof. Covers that are rated 100% water proof have been known to sweat, resulting in mildew, mould and other bacteria causing damage to the exterior of the RV. Depending on what brand and model RV cover you choose will depend on the degree of water proofing or water resistance. Typically, if water proofing or water resistance is offered as part of the cover sepcifications, it usually makes up the roof panel, in order to provide added protection to your roof top accessories, including TV antenna, hatches and air conditioners.  The stitching of the seams, along with the side panels, will not be waterproof or water resistant so that they can remain open to allow moisture and steam to escape, hence making them "breathable".  So, to keep your pride and joy in perfect condition the covers with a water proof or water resistant roof panel and breathable siding have been ranked no. 1 when wanting to protect your caravan, motor home, bus, boat, truck or trailer. 

What Kind of Caravan Covers Are Out There?
Cover manufacturers keep things relatively simple for consumers, categorising their covers based on the type of vehicle they are intended for. Therefore, market covers can generally be organized into the following categories: 
•    Covers for Camper Trailers
•    Covers for Pop-Top Caravans
•    Covers for Full Height Caravans
•    Covers for Motorhomes


How to Pick the Right Size:

  • Although first-time buyers can be intimidated to buy a caravan cover online, cover manufacturers have made the task extremely easy by using standard RV height and width measurements therefor only leaving an external body length to be measured by the consumer. 

  • Because manufacturers use the standard industry measurements, selecting the right cover for your caravan is as easy as measuring its external body length.

  • A cover that is too big will not fit snuggly around the caravan and will have to be pinned and strapped in order to protect the vehicle as intended. As mentioned, plastic and acrylic windows are also much more likely to be scratched if your caravan cover is poorly-fitted.  

  • A lot of people will go off the set manufactures measurements which is not always correct, as some manufacturers determine the quoted length of your RV off the internal floor plan and not an overall external body length which means that you will generally end up with a cover that is not big enough to fit your RV.


So, when choosing a cover there are a few simple rules:

  • Measure your external body length (JUST THE BODY), excluding any front, rear bumpers, spare wheels or tool boxes.We do not recommend covering these items as it can cause unwanted billowing and place undue stress on the cover.

  • Keep that overall measured length and quote to sales inquiries.

  • Choose a top-quality brand of cover such as ADCO or CAMEC both of which have a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

How To Measure Your RV for a Cover

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