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It can be hard being out on the road all day. There is nothing better than kicking back, cracking open a cold one and watching your favourite show on a Furrion TV.


Introducing Furrion

Furrion started life in 2004 when three founders met as engineers on a mega yacht crew. There they gained experience with the most advanced equipment in the world and realised the important elements of luxury service, travel and technology for mobile living.  Today they design and engineer sophisticated products idea for caravan and marine living.


Live Large with A Furrion TV

The Furrion TV range includes the features you’d expect from a home entertainment system. We’re talking about direct-lit LED technology, sharp picture, and fine detail. At the same time, they include technology designed especially for mobile living, like Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technology to ensure your Furrion TV is road-ready and built to endure extreme temperatures. When lighting conditions change, the dynamic brightness settings automatically adjusts the contrast for optimal viewing. Plus, an Energystar rating means a Furrion TV won’t drain your caravan batteries. Buy your TV with or without a stand depending on your caravan space.


Discover the benefits of a Furrion TV for your caravan trips today.

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