How to Find the Right Caravan Cover

Not only will you find myriad caravan covers online and in-store, you will also be faced with multiple designs, materials and brands. The average caravan owner continues to prefer an ADCO caravan cover over anything else. This is largely due to ADCO’s decades of experience, coupled with their constant innovation in caravan cover design and material technology. Not to mention their 3 year warranty. However, even after zeroing in on ADCO as your chosen caravan cover brand, you will still need to consider a bunch of parameters before finding the right product. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Dust and Scratches

Guarding your caravan against dust and scratches is the very basic level of protection that a caravan cover should offer. Even if you only need to cover your caravan for a few days at a stretch, an inexpensive cover can save you the hassle of cleaning your freedom mover every time, or tending to stray scratches that are always picked up when a vehicle is parked out in the driveway. Though any variety of caravan cover is up to this simple task, an ADCO product is the wiser choice. Every ADCO caravan cover comes with well-designed straps, buckles, clinching systems and elasticised corners to ensure a snug fit. This prevents the cover from billowing, and your caravan from attracting dust particles during windy conditions.

Moisture and Tree Sap

A water resistant cover is particularly important if your location sees a fair degree of rain or snow, or if your caravan is usually parked for months at a time. However, even day-to-day moisture in the form of due or falling tree sap can damage your motor home in the long run. Choose an ADCO caravan cover for its Dupont Tyvek build that not only repels water, but is also breathable enough to maintain air circulation between the cover and the body of the vehicle. In short, not only does it protect your caravan from water damage, it also keeps mould and mildew at bay.

UV Protection

When thinking about protecting caravans from the elements, we often forget to factor in UV rays. Exposure to these can fade away your curtains and soft furnishings, leading to unnecessary expenses. Avoid this by purchasing an ADCO caravan cover that is designed to repel over 99.8% of harmful UV rays.


When considering a caravan cover, make sure that you factor in accessibility and ease of use. Even the most protective covers will have to be installed manually, and yards of billowing fabric can get rather difficult to manage. Again, an ADCO caravan cover is designed with clearly demarcated top and side panels, as well as weights attached to its straps, to allow for quick and easy installation and removal. Its side panels also feature zippers at the vehicle doors, allowing you to step in and out without dismantling the entire cover.

An ADCO caravan cover can effectively partner your caravan, camper trailer or pop top caravan through all varieties of weather conditions. It can also significantly reduce your repair and maintenance costs in the long run. Check out the brand’s premium range of caravan covers online, and add a little more happiness to camping.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.