How to Bring Your Green Thumb With You on Your Next Trip

How to Bring Your Green Thumb With You on Your Next Trip

Whether you have luscious acres of plants and lawns or you enjoy pottering around your deck watering your flower pots, spending extended periods away can be agonising when you’re missing one of your favourite hobbies. Here are a few ways you can get back in touch with your inner green-thumb while you are in between destinations.


While succulents don’t need much maintenance at all they certainly add a bit of greenery to the caravan and make you feel like you have a bit of garden to tend to. Because they don’t need too much watering when you’re trying to cut back on water usage your plants won’t suffer from your conservation techniques. Another really good thing about having succulents while you’re on the road is that they tend not to need too much soil either, so when you’re swerving from all the pot holes and going over speedbumps in the caravan parks there won’t be too much debris if a pot takes a tumble. On that note, it’s also probably a good idea to stay away from terracotta or porcelain pots.


Having your favourite herbs while you’re on your adventure will make your cooking efforts seem just that little bit more gourmet. With not too much effort to look after, if you have a little bit of space on your table for when you’re on the move and then some space outside getting ample sunlight when you’ve pulled up at a campsite your herbs should last the distance. They take more watering and maintenance (keeping up the fertiliser and nutrients supply) than the abovementioned succulents, so are good for those of you who enjoy spending time taking care of them.

Indoor Plants    

If you’re after a plant that puts back into your oxygen there are several plants you could permanently leave in a corner of your caravan for you to enjoy. These plants will survive with the sunlight that naturally gets into your caravan as they are destined for the indoors. It is strongly recommended for such plants that you invest in a wide, low-brimmed planter box to ensure that with every u-turn they stay up right. You can even look into some custom designs if you consider yourself a bit of a DIY’er or there are some suction-cup designed pots around that you could get your hands on.

Other things to note

Before you embark on your journey with your plants in tow, ensure whatever you have on board is in line with all state and territory requirements to the places you will be travelling to. There are some expensive fines to pay if you are caught taking anything that isn’t approved over the borders so do your research ahead of time. You can check out the current Australian Interstate Quarantine guide here.

Keeping up with your favourite hobbies while you’re on the road is really important if you want to thoroughly enjoy your time away. So if spending time in the garden at home is something you know you will miss, start looking into some ways you can take a little bit of your garden with you.



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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