10 Reasons Why Meditating Will Make You Happier

10 Reasons Why Meditating Will Make You Happier

 And while the constant flood of advice and instructions on why and how to incorporate it in your life can be a bit much, this stressed, hassled and rushed generation of people could definitely do with a little inner peace every now and again. Meditation is unique in its ability to calm you down, because it works a slow and steady path through your consciousness, instead of providing quick fixes. It is a proven alternative to anxiety treatments, and in fact does one better by gradually making you calmer and even happier. Just how does it do that? Here are 10 reasons why meditating will make you happier.

  1. It busts stress

It’s no secret that meditating regularly reduces your stress levels, which in turn translates to increased happiness. This is achieved by a gradual lowering of cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body. With time, you will also experience reduced anxiety levels and become less prone to depression. Happiness indeed!

  1. It helps you sleep better

Incorporating meditation in your daily routine will improve the quality of your sleep. You will gradually be able to notice the absence of those nagging, worrying thoughts that otherwise tend to pop up right before you go to bed. When you sleep better, you wake up refreshed and energised, and ready to take on the day armed with the full measure of positivity.

  1. It gives you that ‘feel-good’ factor

Speaking of positivity, meditating regularly specifically encourages the production of ‘happy’ chemicals in your body, technically known as endorphins. This redirects your general mood away from negativity and into healthier, happier states.

  1. It brings you mental clarity

Meditation has direct impacts on parts of your brain associated with concentration and focus. You will find yourself paying more attention to detail, and processing information with much more clarity. As you begin to see these results, and channel them into an improved professional life, you’ll immediately begin to feel happier.

  1. It boosts your memory

Meditating addresses one of the primary reasons why we struggle so much at work in the present day and age – memory. Mediation sharpens your memory, and makes you feel better about your ability retain information and perform better, both in personal and professional capacities.

  1. It makes you more creative

Meditation is a time-tested route to activating your prefrontal cortex, and other areas of the brain that are linked with your creative potential. And there’s a great deal of happiness in being able to come up with new and improved ideas!

  1. It can improve your social life

Meditating regularly will help you become a better fellow human being. Meditation encourages empathy, compassion, and therefore kindness towards others. You will thus experience greater social fulfilment, feel less lonely, and as such, happier than you were before.

  1. It improves your immunity

Meditation has a beautiful ability to revitalize both your mind and your body, and an enhanced immune function is one of its primary impacts on your physical well-being. Better immunity means reduced chances of feeling under the weather, and as such, an increased ability to take vacations, apply yourself at work, and basically do everything that makes you happy!

  1. It strengthens your heart

A regular habit of meditation has proved to be an effective means of reducing blood pressure and stabilizing heart rates. Both of these directly influence how you feel on a daily basis. In other words, a healthy heart is directly related to a happier state of mind.

  1. It acts as a pain reliever

The benefits of meditation as a natural pain killer are slowly coming to light. By activating parts of the brain designed to deal with pain regulation, meditation helps the body manage pain signals better, eventually guiding you to a pain free existence.

Just a few minutes of meditation every day can bring you so many new routes to happiness! So get started on your very own meditation routine, and welcome health, happiness and positivity into your life.



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