How to Buy the Right Caravan Accessories

Preparing for your very first caravanning trip? Having a hard time figuring out how to outfit your new RV or caravan with the right accessories? You’re not alone. The sheer variety and number of caravan parts and accessories on the market can intimidate even regular caravanners. Not to worry though. We've put together a basic buying guide for a few of the most common (and essential) components you’ll probably want to look into for a comfortable trip.

Caravan Air Conditioners

Probably one of the most frequently purchased motorhome parts, an air conditioner is an essential component of your mobile home setup. The first important point to note before selecting one is that you can’t go for a regular home air conditioner for your caravan or RV. We hear this question a lot from customers. Caravan air conditioners are specifically tailored to withstand movement and vibrations of travel, to prevent water from entering the vehicle. The next important choice you’ll need to make is between rooftop and built-in models. As a thumb rule, rooftop air conditioners work great in most cases, facilitating efficient air circulation. But if your caravan is a pop-top or has a single skin roof, you should consider a built-in air conditioner. As far as rooftop caravan air conditioners go, they’ll be compatible with a square opening with a side measuring either 400mm or 360mm. Check your caravan for this opening size and also refer to its ceiling thickness, though most caravan air conditioners have adjustable profiles to suit multiple ceiling thicknesses.

Caravan Awnings

Choosing an awning for your caravan is a relatively simple task but there are a few basic pointers that might help you out. What is the purpose you have in mind for the awning? Do you want it to serve as a small shaded area just outside your caravan’s door? Or do you want it to be larger, creating a dedicated sitting area with an alfresco vibe? Caravan awnings are now available in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. They can act as small patios of sorts, to full-fledged verandas spanning the entire length of your caravan. Choosing the appropriate awning is mostly an aesthetic and functional decision. As far as build quality goes, any of the brands we have on our website are with trusted suppliers. You can always ask one of our team members if you want specific reccomednations. Also, remember that while cantilevered awnings can look nice and minimal, a pole-supported design is recommended for large coverings.

Caravan Hot Water Systems

Water heaters for caravans sport a number of designs to cater to a variety of user preferences. If your caravan has a propane gas connection it opens up the options of gas powered water heaters or gas and electric composite systems. However, purchasing an electric water heater will spare you the trouble of travelling with gas cylinders altogether. Another choice you would have to make is between tankless water heaters and those with inbuilt water storage. Tankless water heaters are great for instant hot water. Others will need some time to heat up the stored water. However, while on the road, it’s best to reduce the length of your showers in the interest of saving water.

Shopping for caravan parts and accessories isn’t too different from shopping for home appliances. With a little basic orientation and a clear idea of your requirements, you should do all right, even the first time around! If you're still feeling a little weary, we're always happy to help you with both lifestyle questions as well as the techincal ones too. Happy shopping!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.