Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioners

A Brief Online Buyer’s Guide to Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioners

Although some campers question the necessity of purchasing a caravan air conditioner, anyone who has suffered through a blisteringly long summer trip can surely vouch for their value.

There is nothing more miserable than suffering though hours upon hours of exhausting heat and sticky sweat, especially during a vacation that you are supposed to be enjoying.

In light of the many different models and brands of RV air conditioners currently available, consumers often become overwhelmed and unsure with whether they are making the right choice.

The following few paragraphs are jam-packed with industry tips guaranteed to make your next air conditioner purchase worthwhile.


Dometic Air Conditioner

When it comes to high-quality RV air conditioners, Dometic takes center stage with their innovative and stylish product models.

As the self-proclaimed “world of mobile living”, the Dometic Group is known for providing luxury RV camping products to over 100 countries worldwide.

Their main focus is on creating high-quality products integrated with convenient user-friendly features.


Freshjet Line

The Freshjet air conditioner line, developed by Dometic, is the most sought-out caravan air conditioner line currently available on the market.

What follows is a brief overview of their two most popular models:

The Freshjet 2200

Engineered for caravans with a maximum length of 5 meters, the Freshjet 2200 is a powerful roof-mounted RV air conditioner with added heating and dehumidifying capabilities.

Equipped with a remote control and timer function, the Freshjet 2200 boasts a cooling capacity of approximately 1.8kW, 4.1A & a heating capacity of 1.2kW, 5.2A.


The Freshjet 3200

Like the Freshjet 2200, the Freshjet 3200 is a powerful multifunctional unit caravan air conditioner unit. Unlike the 2200, however, the 3200 is specifically geared towards larger caravans and is advertised as being “best for vehicle lengths up to 7.5m”.

Because it is geared towards cooling a larger area, the Freshjet 3200 boasts a cooling capacity of approximately 2.6kW, 6.3A & a heating capacity of 2.4kW, 5.5A.


NOTE: Both models require a Dometic 400x400 H-frame for installation.




DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.