Suburban Hot Water Systems

Although caravan campers require quality drinking water to live, water for other things (such as showers and cleaning dishes or clothes) can be considered a luxury; something we’re accustomed to, but don’t necessarily need to get by.Some campers argue that you can accomplish anything you need by simply boiling and cooling water. While they’re not necessarily wrong, it doesn’t take an expert to tell you that depending on your water needs (as well as the number of people you’re camping with), this process can become quite time-consuming. There’s no point planning a quality vacation if you’re going to be spending the whole time figuring out your water plan.

This is why many campers opt to purchase a quality caravan water heater to get the job done for them. These handy products eliminate having to deal with large pots of splashy water over a hot stove or fire. When it comes to selection a quality caravan water heater, Caravan RV Camping always recommends Suburban as their brand of choice. The following few paragraphs will give you a brief overview of the various Suburban water heating units.

The Suburban Reputation

Although many campers cite Atwood as their water heating brand of choice, as mentioned, the experts at Caravan RV Camping are personal proponents of Suburban. Suburban’s wide variety of water heating models are geared towards a large number of differing consumer needs. There’s no need to have to choose the most basic model or even the most expensive one. With such a large variety of units, there is literally something for everyone.

Suburban Heating Unit Features

Suburban water heating systems have been engineered with both strength and resilience in mind, boasting one of the longest lifespans of any water heating unit currently on the market.

Each and every one of Suburban’s high-quality heating units have been constructed using  superior-grade water tanks composed of pure porcelain. The use of porcelain eliminates the chance of rust and damage stemming from long-term water exposure. In turn, the lifespan of the product is drastically increased. When maintained properly, Suburban heating units can be made to last anywhere from to 6 to 9 years, ultimately making them an extremely budget-friendly purchase.

Type of Suburban Heaters 

Suburban offers 4 overall varieties of water heating systems, which are described as follows:

  1. Basic 

Basic Suburban water heating units function using LP gas and must be ignited from outside of the caravan.

  1. Direct Spark Ignition

Suburban’s Direct Spark Ignition models are capable of being lit from the inside of an RV. Certain models also allow the camper to connect an electric element as a backup in emergency situations.

  1. Re-Ignitor and Re-Ignitor with Electric Pilot

Re-Ignitor models can do everything that Direct Spark Ignition systems can do, but also include a re-ignitor to automatically light the pilot light if it goes out. Certain models can also be attached to an electric element in the case of emergency situations.

  1. Direct Spark Ignition with Motor-Aid

Motor-Aid is Suburban’s environmentally-friendly heating option. This type of heating unit essentially makes use of the warmth created by your running engine to help heat water and cut down on power consumption.