The Caravan Expansion Kit – Be at Home Anywhere

It’s been a while since state-of-the-art caravans took the camping scene by storm. On the one hand, this means that RVs, caravans and trailers sporting the full range of creature comforts are a common sight today. But one of the drawbacks of so much innovation is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get ahead of the competition and assemble a caravan be unlike any other. So what does a camper wishing to stay one step ahead of the times do? Here’s an idea: extend the functionality of your caravanwithout spending a fortune. Get these affordable accessories from Australia’s own Coast to Coast RV, and be at home anywhere!

Sun screens

Yes, even caravans need a little sunscreen sometimes! Except that these useful add-ons also help you retain some privacy at a caravan park. You can find a suitable Coast privacy screen for every area of your caravan or trailer. From protecting the front or offside, to fixing on to the existing awning of your caravan, these screens are a simple and extremely convenient addition to your camping gear. Installing these privacy screens is simple. All you need to do is thread the material through your awning’s lead bar and you’re good to go. Coast RV sunscreens are durable, have reinforced designs that retain their shape in windy conditions, and are supplied with guy ropes and steel pegs for securing the arrangement to the ground.

Privacy Rooms

While you’re mulling over the decision to purchase a Coast privacy screen for you caravan, also make a quick stop at the Coast RV privacy room collection. These are essentially an upgrade over the privacy screen, creating vertical surfaces on all sides of your awning, turning it into a covered ‘room’ of sorts. Complete with doors on every side, flyscreens for repelling insects while guaranteeing air circulation, and draught skirts and wheel kits for extra wind protection, these privacy rooms or awning extension kits are also durable and washable. Unsurprisingly, they happen to feature among the most popular caravan accessories offered by Coast to Coast RV.

Solar Panels

Solar power is the way to go if you really want your caravan to be self-sufficient. Equipped with suitable Coast solar panels, your caravan or trailer won’t need an external source of power, nor will it drain your truck’s battery. Coast RV offers solar panels with varying wattages to choose from, depending on the number and power rating of the appliances you’d like to run on solar power. These range from 80W, all the way to 150W. Coast solar panels are optimised to absorb as much light as possible, even in the shade, are easy to install on the roof of your caravan. You can also buy mounting brackets, regulators and adapters from Coast RV to make installation and operation of the solar panels simpler.

Without further ado, get these cool and inexpensive Coast RV accessories from any caravan parts and supplies outlet, and officially become a caravanning pro! For further details, visit the Coast to Coast RV website.