The Must Have Accessories for Your Caravan’s Kitchen

With space restrictions and the necessity to be practical it’s just not logical to bring your entire kitchen assortment with you when you head out on each and every trick. But don’t despair. Enough savvy campers feel this way too, which means plenty of brands have put together products that will solve an assortment of you camping cooking frustrations. So before you leave for your next adventure, check out these awesome kitchen accessories you need for you caravan.

1.Dometic RM4606 185Lt Fridge and Freezer

An almost full size fridge and freezer means you can do decent sized grocery shop and freeze leftovers when you do cook up a storm. It can be a frustrating element of caravanning when you are unable to store the usual amount of food as you would at home. It can be even harder if you have no way to store items that require freezing – especially in Summer when you want a go to place for your ice cream supply.

2.Smartspace Pots with Lids

This assortment of pots and lids is the ultimate way to have different sized pots on hand that don’t take up too much room. With detachable handles and the ability to fit inside one another, you’ll have no troubles convincing your partner why they’re totally appropriate to accompany you on your next wander. Did we mention their extra coating of Teflon means you will get more wear out of them and you want me spending all of your spare time scrubbing them clean.

3.Camec Pop Up Colander and Kitchen Bowl

Mixing bowls and colanders are notorious kitchen items that we all need but take up so much space in the often small caravan cabinets. Alas, Camec have created a solution to all the camping chefs out there. The stylish bowls compress when they are not in use which means you fit more in your cupboards without having to get rid of the essentials.

4.Camec Microwave 25L 900W

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you should have to be confined to the old fashion stove top. If you miss the ease of defrosting, reheating and cooking in your microwave from home, never fear. You can install a microwave for your caravan. No more cooking two minutes’ noodles for ten minutes on the stove. Every trip will be easier if you’re fitted out with a microwave, especially on those lazy days.

5.Multi-purpose Stow All Pocket

Whether you want to use one of these to help store your favourite sauces or maybe your other kitchen must haves like glad wrap and paper towel. Having a stow away pocket on the inside of each of your kitchen cupboard doors is like having a guardian angel inside your caravan. Always there when you’re looking for things, this will help with your kitchen organisation which in turn helps when you’re cooking up a storm.



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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